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Vikings stadium debate gets chippy on social media

Posted at 11:00 AM on October 18, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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Twitter's rolling this morning with lots of talk about the prospects for a Vikings stadium.

No doubt people feel strongly. But it's starting to get a little more chippy than usual. Here's a sampling.

Spirit of cooperation? Getting a deal done in the Legislature requires the support of Republican lawmakers and Gov. Mark Dayton. This morning, though, the communications director for Senate Republicans took some shots at Dayton.

In 288 days as gov of MN, #mDayton has accomplished the following on a new stadium: No site, no financing, no votes from DFLers, no deal
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FYI - #mDayton told Pioneer Press in '98 he was against public $ to build/subsidize stadium - only change position if statewide referendum
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Governor deserves the credit? Some folks are ready to applaud Dayton for putting the issue directly in the spotlight to try and get a deal done in November. That includes people who don't necessarily support the governor on other issues.

Never been the biggest @GovMarkDayton fan, but I appreciate his leadership on getting a #Vikings stadium deal done. C'mon GOP - Step up.
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i'm not even a liberal, but I'm a big fan of Mark Dayton right now. he's doing everything he can to get this Vikings stadium deal done.
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Good public investment or "Wilfare." Those who oppose public financing for a Vikings stadium or running with the #Wilfare hashtag on Twitter, a play on "welfare" and Viking's owner Zygi Wilf.

@ricklundl Ah, yes. The overly entitled Vikings #Wilfare crowd seems more likely to rampage likely than the #occupymn crowd to me.
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That's just great. Oh, and in case you needed a little more anguish over the Vikings, NBC Sports tweets that the Vikings' humiliation at the hands of the Chicago Bears was the number 1 show Sunday night.

16.6 million watch Bears 39-10 blowout win over the Vikings on #SNF making it the No. 1 show of Sunday night for the 6th straight week
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