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The Occupy Minnesota stories

Posted at 8:45 AM on October 11, 2011 by Paul Tosto

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We're focused today on Occupy Minnesota. But the news elsewhere this morning is equally compelling. Boston police moved in to arrest Occupy Boston protesters who refused to leave a local park. About 100 people were arrested, the Boston Globe reports.

Over at the MPR News Minnesota Today page, editor Michael Olson's pulled together links to local and national stories on the Occupy Minnesota movement. Check out the list below. Know other good stories or bloggers on the topic? Post them below.

Nationally, our friends at Marketplace business radio are doing a nice job digging into the Occupy Wall Street movement that started it all. Their latest piece gauges the atmosphere and voice from Occupy Wall Street.

And the New York Times reports that, "Leading Democratic figures, including party fund-raisers and a top ally of President Obama, are embracing the spread of the anti-Wall Street protests in a clear sign that members of the Democratic establishment see the movement as a way to align disenchanted Americans with their party."

Occupy Minnesota is also running a live stream of their activities, although it's a bit ironic that you get a corporate ad (Wal-Mart) before the stream starts.

Watch live streaming video from occupymn at

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