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Can gambling deliver Vikings stadium money? Should it?

Posted at 6:20 AM on October 28, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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It's an odd situation. The Vikings say they want a deal for a football stadium in Arden Hills, not Minneapolis. Yet local Minneapolis officials are pushing ahead with plans for a stadium in town, paid for in part by revenues from a new casino that no one really thinks is necessary, other than to fund a new Vikings stadium and pay for other improvements.

But with questions continuing to dog the Arden Hills site, the discussion's turned again to Minneapolis.

A casino seems like the least painful way to raise money to help fund a stadium there.
But it won't come without a fight. From lawmakers philosophically opposed to more state involvement in gambling to Indian gaming operations seeking to protect their interests, it'll be a fight.

We'll spend today drilling into the hopes and worries over expanding gambling in Minnesota to pay for stadiums and other public amenities. We'll also look at other ways of financing a Vikings stadium. Is there any plan out there that can win a majority of needed votes at the local level and at the Minnesota State House?

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