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Parsing the demands of Occupy protesters

Posted at 2:04 PM on October 11, 2011 by Michael Olson
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There's been a lot of discussion about what the protesters stand for. Some on the right reduce the protests to being simply anti-capitalism, and argue the protests wouldn't happen without the products of the corporations that are being derided as greedy. On the left there's angling to turn the energy into electoral success.

This item from economics blogger Mike Konczal turns the posts of the popular We Are The 99 Percent Tumblr blog into data. The blog features about 1,000 posts from people expressing their place in society during this economic downturn.

So, if the protest is about any one single thing its "Jobs." It doesn't sound any different than the number one issue driving the Tea Party. People want jobs.

This analysis doesn't reflect the view of the remaining Minnesota presidential candidate.

Bachmann held her only public event of the day at New England College in the leafy central New Hampshire town of Henniker where another member of the audience asked whether she agreed that members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have something in common with the Tea Party. "I don't think that they're similar to the Tea Party at all," Bachmann said. "I ran across two of the protests in Washington, DC and one in Boston and they are nothing in common at all with..." (ABC News).

What message do you takeaway from the protests?

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