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A Halloween snowstorm bus ride, later a wedding

Posted at 6:25 AM on October 31, 2011 by Molly Bloom
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We received a lot of great stories about the record-setting snowstorm that began 20 years ago today, from Public Insight Network sources and Facebook followers, but only one of them seems fit for a romantic comedy.

Nora Ephron, contact Amy Hanson for story rights. She lives in Minneapolis.

"Oh what a great, great, storm. Work was closed, it was my roommate's birthday on November 1st, and I met my future husband that day.

My roommate and I lived at 45th and Bryant Ave South and we ventured out into a magical day. Really the only vehicles moving were the city buses. I had $10 in my pocket, my roomie had $13 and we were on an adventure headed towards Uptown. A city bus drove up, stopped and the driver welcomed us on without having to pay a fare -- and we even got free transfers. A few blocks later two cute fellas got on the bus and as it turned out we ended up at the Uptown Bar. We had a great day of a few beers and some delicious food and we parted ways, exchanging phone numbers.

These two guys became good friends of ours and six months later I began dating one of the 'guys we met on the bus.'

Bryan and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary on October 13 and have an amazing 6-1/2 year-old son.

Who would have thought the snowstorm of '91 would have brought such a twist of fate?"

Left: Amy and her husband Bryan Zell at their 1995 wedding. Right: A more recent photo of Amy and Bryan.

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