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Need-to-read stories on the GOP nominee race

Posted at 9:35 AM on October 19, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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We'll be chasing stories and looking for insights today on the GOP race. Here are some of the important headlines this morning.

Polls commissioned by NBC prior to last night's debate show, "Herman Cain holds a narrow lead in South Carolina's Republican primary, and he's running neck and neck in Florida with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney."

The Romney-Perry fight is turning increasingly personal, Politico reports.

Minnesota's Michele Bachmann continues to fight but found herself "largely ignored by her aggressive rivals" in last night's debate, suggesting "they no longer consider her a threat," the Washington Post reports.

Over at our Minnesota Today page, editor Michael Olson has pulled together a feed of stories on Bachmann and the GOP race from Minnesota and around the country. Check it out.

Any other stories or links on the GOP presidential race we should care about? Post them below or contact us directly.

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