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Need-to-read stories on student debt, college costs

Posted at 10:00 AM on October 27, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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We're digging in today on the issue of college student debt, asking how much is too much and examining whether President Obama's new effort to cap student loan payments will do any good.

MPR News reporters and editors just finished live blogging a discussion on MPR's Midmorning show on the student loan topic. Check it out.

Here are some other stories you'll want to check.

Obama's student loan plan isn't so new. Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary raises questions about how much punch the president's effort really packs. One important point: "Parents and students with oppressively high private student loans won't see any relief."

$8 a month? The Atlantic magazine online has a piece that also raises questions about the Obama executive order and digs deeper into other parts of it, including loan consolidation and loan forgiveness.

Minnesota Today features a feed of student debt stories from around Minnesota and the U.S. Check it out below.

Any other stories or links on colleges costs and student debt we should care about? Post them below or contact us directly.

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