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Identify with Occupy MN? What readers say

Posted at 11:54 AM on October 11, 2011 by Paul Tosto

MPR News social media editor Jon Gordon has been busy on Facebook this morning talking to readers about Occupy Wall Street and the similar Minnesota-based protests active all this week.

We asked people: Do you identify with Occupy Minnesota protesters? Check out the responses below and then add your voice.

Graham-o Petersburg : The conversation that needs to happen can't with blind fury towards the "Rich." Both good and bad people exist in every socio-economic class. So put away your pitchforks and torches and start electing wholesome people... That's where change will start.

T.S. Bye. I identify more with the people that call themselves the 53% than the people that call themselves the 99%.

Timbre Rogers : I believe there may be a mob mentality going on here. But also there are many people going for many different issues that affect them, and each maybe affected differently. At the RNC protests, people showed up just to show up, and not just for the specific days theme or issue. There are some serious issues to address, the more people showing up and the more cities this spreads to will just increase awareness and let those we are talking about and the rest of the world know that we will not be silent about this.

April Lukes-Streich : We're not protesters, we're occupiers! :) I hope more people will come join us. It's a fantastic opportunity to have real conversations with people who have different ideas than yours politically, economically, philosophically, in an area free from corporate media influence and manipulation. People from all walks of life are occupying. It's what we need, and it's something I believe very much in.

Barbara Crow : Absolutely, I identify with them. I don't have a problem with people making a lot of money so blaming the rich doesn't hold true for me across the board. I have a problem with corporations and fundamentalist religions taking over our government. I have a problem with our lawmakers bowing down to the almighty dollar instead of representing the people. I'm ready to see some major policy changes in DC and in my state capitol.

Christopher Weiss : There is so much willful ignorance about inequity in America. While I may disagree with some of the ideas expressed at these rallies, they are getting people talking about real issues.

Azedin Wedi Asmara : The laws and tax break in favor of all the greedy corporations is ruining our life and these youngsters life, they are standing up for their future. Its corporate greed vs the future of these kids. Like the Indians say "we do not inherit these earth from our ancestors, rather we borrowed it from our kids" this statement does not mean shit to those who are blinded by greed. Occupy!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Dregni : More than a occupation against the new nobility, this is an expression of popular power to regain ecological and economic sustainability. We have lived under the shadow of the bomb, terrorism, death squads, abuse and oppression. This is a chance to reclaim our humanity.

And on Twitter:

@MPRnews Yeah I indentify w/protesters. The prob is no matter who I vote 4, rich win, poor lose. Pols bought and paid 4. Media no diff.
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