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Waiting for dad to dig out car after Halloween snow

Posted at 6:24 AM on October 31, 2011 by Jon Gordon
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On the 20th anniversary of the historic 1991 Halloween snowstorm, we're sharing stories from our Public Insight Network sources and Facebook followers. Here's one:

"What a night," writes Nichol Harris of Blaine.

"I was in college at the U of M and of course, it was a big party night. My friend, Suzanne, and I got dressed up to go out with some guys we knew. We dressed as 1960s go-go girls: super short tank dresses, white go-go-boots, thick make-up, teased hair. What a mistake that costume was: I'll never forget trudging through snow in those go-go boots, which were authentic and were totally ruined..."


"...The weather was so bad that night that we ended up staying at one of our guy friends house after the parties. I had to borrow some sweats from him because I was soaked to the bone. The next morning, when we got back to Suzanne's apartment in Dinkytown, my little college car was covered with snow and there was no way I was going to be able to drive home. We had to wait another day or two for my dad to dig me out. I remember walking through dinky town that morning with not a car on the street and even the McDonalds was closed. It was so peaceful."

Illustration by Tom Gau

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