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Need-to-read stories on Minnesota's jobs picture

Posted at 8:21 AM on October 20, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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20061009_helpwanted_3.jpgWe'll get the most recent data on Minnesota employment this morning when state officials release the state's jobless rate for September.

In August, the state added nearly 6,000 jobs -- but the unemployment rate remained unchanged from July at 7.2 percent.

As we wait for the news, here are some stories to get you current.

U.S. unemployment declines slightly for 4th straight week. The number of people applying for unemployment benefits declined slightly last week, leaving applications above levels consistent with a healthy economy.

Despite worry here about job growth, Minnesota's still doing better than the nation.

Budget pinch could spell job losses for govt. workers. MPR News reporter Annie Baxter this morning writes:

Budgets are pinched these days at all levels of government. And that could spell job losses in the public sector. The state's September jobs report, due out (today), could show more contraction in Minnesota's government sector.

Over at our Minnesota Today page, editor Michael Olson has pulled together a feed of stories on jobs and unemployment in Minnesota. Check it out.

Any other stories or links on Minnesota's employment picture we should care about? Post them below or contact us directly.

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