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Rickey being Rickey

Posted at 11:52 AM on July 13, 2007 by Chris Dall

As some of you may have heard, the New York Mets have hired Rickey Henderson as a coach, though it appears at this point that what he'll be coaching is still undecided. He'll either be the teams new hitting coach, or the new first base coach. Either way, Mets beat writers should be eagerly anticipating whatever comes out of his mouth. It should be entertaining.

It's a move that seems odd and understandable at the same time. Arguably the game's greatest leadoff hitter and the all-time leader in walks, Rickey knows a lot about patience at the plate, which is something the Mets have sorely been lacking this year. But Rickey never really struck me as a coach, considering his penchant for doing his own thing his own way, and his insistence that he still wants to play in the majors. Can a coach insert himself as pinch hitter?

Plus there's also the issue of his previous tenure with the Mets. He infuriated Met fans during the 1999 NLCS when, after being pulled for a defensive replacement in the 8th inning of game 6 (a game they lost), he retired to the clubhouse to play cards with Bobby Bonilla. He was then released by the team in 2000 after failing to run out a ball that he thought was headed over the fence.

Stay tuned.

The eyes have it.

Posted at 2:48 PM on July 13, 2007 by Tom Scheck

There has been plenty of attention on eye exercises lately. I'm a runner and I ride bikes and I swim so I think it's safe to say that I know a lil' bit about exercise. That being said - I have never done anything to exercise my eyes. My wife may argue with that since she giggles every time I see an attractive lady.

Well, apparently it's all the rage (not me looking at attractive ladies - the eye exercises). This MLB story says Travis Hafner says he routinely does eye exercises on something called the "I trac Vision Training System." He calls it "weight training for the eyes."

Hafner isn't the only one doing this. Plenty of athletes are working on their eyes (dotting their eyes so to speak). Vikings receiver Troy Williamson, who can't catch a cold, insists that he'll be better this year because of the eye work he's been doing at Nike. He was working with Nike's vision consultant who determined that Williamson's right eye is weaker than his left.

Golfers are also working on their eyes. There's been plenty of discussions on trying to determine your "dominant eye" to improve putting. Tiger Woods has been a believer.

So, there you go kids. Don't worry about getting out to the park to hit balls, shoot baskets or run those hills. You know have the perfect excuse whenever your parents or coach wants you to spend more time working on your craft. Tell them that you need to keep playing those video games to exercise those eyes. Or you could tell your parents that you're working on your eye exercises by doing everything you can to make sure they don't glaze over by the end of this post.

Speaking of old men...

Posted at 3:06 PM on July 13, 2007 by David Zingler

Rickey may be back, but Julio’s out – the Mets designated Julio Franco for assignment yesterday. The 48-year-old hit .200 with 1 homer in 50 at-bats and looks to done, which makes him a perfect candidate for the Twins roster. It actually might not be a bad idea either. Before you laugh, consider that the team uses Jason Tyner and Lew Ford in the DH slot and Franco would be a definite upgrade over them. Plus, it would be an interesting story – every time Franco hits a homerun, he sets a new record. Not even Barry Bonds can say that...yet...

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