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Howard making (real) History...

Posted at 9:00 AM on September 15, 2006 by David Zingler

With 16 games to go, Ryan Howard sits at 56 homeruns. Ten years ago, this would have captivated the nation, but the syringe-soaked era of the late 1990s and early 2000s have left us all a little jaded.

If the Phillies slugger does surpass the 61 homerun mark, what does that mean? Since we now have steroid testing and there is nothing to suggest the contrary, we have to assume he’s clean. When you consider that Mark McGwire won’t talk about it, Sammy Sosa denied it only after it was dragged out of him and the mountain of evidence against Barry Bonds, the most logical assumption is that they were not.

I think using asterisks is silly and erasing records is ridiculous, but, to me, Ryan Howard will be the standard that homerun hitters are judged by in the future if he hits No. 62. As for McGwire, Sosa and Bonds; they’re just beginning to get what they deserve....

Things are getting weird

Posted at 11:47 AM on September 15, 2006 by Ben Tesch (6 Comments)

So Liriano gets a second MRI and it shows no new damage. There was a pop and some pain, but the exam comes back exactly the same as the previous one? Weird. Someone better figure this thing out, because if he needs surgery, he should get it now. He supposedly didn't need it before, but obviously there's something going on. Is there an elbow specialist in the house?

Also, suddenly the Twins are only 1 game behind the Tigers, after their half-comeback in Cleveland. The Twins explode in the second half of the game, with Torii and Rondell of all people having the best hitting nights. Not only did the Twins end up getting 9 runs on 15 hits, but they collectively left 31 batters on base. 31! Weird.

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Where do they get this stuff.

Posted at 1:07 PM on September 15, 2006 by Bob Collins (3 Comments)

Hi there. The Bleacher Bum folks locked the door this morning, but -- and don't tell anyone this -- I still have my key from when I helped inaugurate this thing last year. Shhhh. Mum's the word.

However, feel free to spread this around. John Gordon, the Twins announcer, makes stuff up as he goes along, I think. OK, so you're a big Twins fan and you've been listening for years and you've already figured this out. Fine, just add this to your drawer full of little slips of paper with the John Gordon slip-ups.

I'm a big Cleveland Indians fan, as many of you know. And, yes, I actually do appreciate the sympathy cards. So, I'm listening last night and Gordon is going on about the woes of the Cleveland Indians and he says.

" And what has REALLY killed the Indians this year is.... their lackof speed on the basepaths. Grady Sizemore is the only fast player they have."

OK, he got the last part right, but he swung and missed on the a embarrassing swing, actually.

Everyone who can say Joe Azcue knows that what's killed the Indians this year is their lack of a bullpen.

Don't believe me? Go here. You'll note the Indians have scored more runs this year than every other team in Major League Baseball with the exception of the Yankees and the White Sox. If their lack of speed on the basepaths were "really killing them," that's where it would show up. It doesn't show up. Why? Because it's nonsense.

If you go here (SI), you can see the team's relief pitching stats. Yep, that's a 4.88 ERA sitting there with a .276
opposition batting average. Be glad you didn't get to experience Fausto Carmona up close.

But the bottom line? Wouldn't it be great if we could depend on our baseball announcers to put a little work into these sorts of things? And if something so obviously wrong still gets on the air, what else is wrong?

I'm starting to wonder about their words of hope for Francisco Liriano's return next year.

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