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Midterms, part II........

Posted at 9:14 AM on July 11, 2006 by David Zingler

The Rotation
Johan Santana 9-5, 2.95 ERA, 138 K/24 BB, 1.00 WHIP, .221 BAA
Great numbers, especially for a �second half� pitcher � needs to be even better if the Twins hope to contend.
Grade: A
Prediction: 20-8, 2.60ish ERA

Brad Radke 7-7, 5.13 ERA, 54/25, 1.60 WHIP, .336 BAA
He�s been better lately, but it never should have gotten to that point. Enjoy the Brad Radke farewell tour.
Grade: D
Prediction: 14-13, 4.75ish ERA

Carlos Silva 4-9, 7.00 ERA, 36/14, 1.62 WHIP, .343 BAA
His sinker won�t sink, but everything else is sunk. Terrible.
Grade: F
Prediction: Silva ends the season in the bullpen.

Francisco Liriano 10-1, 1.83 ERA, 102/23, .97 WHIP, .201 BAA
It would basically be impossible for Liriano to pitch any better than he has. Can he keep it up?
Grade: A+
Prediction: 17-6, 2.50ish ERA

The Bullpen
Kyle Lohse 2-5, 7.48 ERA, 41/24, 1.77 WHIP, .319 BAA
An absolute dud � million dollar arm, ten cent head.
Grade: F
Prediction: Lohse won�t be on the Twins roster at season�s end.

Jesse Crain 2-5, 5.03 ERA, 33/9, 1.53 WHIP, .305 BAA
Another disappointment, Crain needs to get it turned around � fast!
Grade: D
Prediction: 7-6, 4.20ish ERA

Matt Guerrier 0-0, 3.34 ERA, 19/14, 1.64 WHIP, .310 BAA
More valuable than originally thought, his return from the DL would be welcome.
Grade: I
Prediction: A broken thumb could be tricky � who knows?

Willie Eyre 0-0, 6.60 ERA, 14/13, 1.83 WHIP, .339 BAA
Should be at Triple A.
Grade: D
Prediction: Twins will keep him on the bench as much as possible.

Dennys Reyes 1-0, 1.66 ERA, 16/5, 1.02 WHIP, .218 BAA
A pleasant surprise in an area the Twins really needed one.
Grade: B+
Prediction: Another tough one, look for his ERA to inch up, but not too much.

Juan Rincon 3-0, 2.06 ERA, 39/14, 1.17 WHIP, .231 BAA
The team�s unsung hero � people only remember his bad outings.
Grade: A
Prediction: 2.50ish ERA

Joe Nathan 5-0, 1.75 ERA, 52/5, .81 WHIP, .185 BAA, 15 SV
Didn�t get much action early on and it cost him another trip to the All Star Game.
Grade: A
Prediction: 35ish Saves, 2.10ish ERA

Mauer's hood

Posted at 9:41 AM on July 11, 2006 by Ben Tesch

In St. Paul, Joe Mauer has been an all star all along
Baseball fans all over the country will tune in to the All-Star game in Pittsburgh, but it's unlikely that any fans will be more excited about the game than those in the neighborhood around Randolph and Hamline Avenues in Saint Paul. That's where Cretin-Derham Hall High School is located. Locals will be cheering for one of their own, Cretin-Derham graduate Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins, when he takes the field with his American League teammates tonight.

Talkin' baseball

Posted at 10:57 AM on July 11, 2006 by Ben Tesch

Warming up for the All-Star Game
Some of the best players in baseball step up to the plate at the Major League Baseball All-Star game in Pittsburgh Tuesday evening, including three Minnesota Twins. Midday takes a mid-season look at the Twins' season with Howard Sinker at 11am CST. (The audio should be up later in case you miss it.)

Reality fantasy baseball

Posted at 12:38 PM on July 11, 2006 by Ben Tesch

MSN and LivePlanet (the company that created Project Greenlight as seen on HBO and Bravo) are creating a new program called Fan Club, which is supposed to be starting today.

The idea behind Fan Club is that you (meaning the audience) get to control a real minor league baseball team, the Schaumburg Flyers, in a manner similar to fantasy baseball online. Viewers will be able to make decisions such as batting lineup and which pitchers start (but you can't intentionally mess with the team by putting players in positions they're not qualified to play).

MSN will air video highlights of games, along with off-field footage of players and their families, in order to bring viewers into the world of the Schaumburg Flyers, which is not affiliated with a major league franchise.

"We'll cover the team on and off the field, so fans can base their decisions on statistics or on what's going on in the lives of characters we bring to life," explained Keith Quinn, LivePlanet senior VP of development and production.

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