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The pros and cons of the Big Hurt

Posted at 12:23 PM on November 5, 2005 by David Zingler (2 Comments)

From 1991-2000 he averaged 34 homeruns and 115 RBI per season while hitting below .305 just once. The former back-to-back MVP winner (1993-94) however, has only played in 108 games the past two seasons and watched the White Sox win the World Series from the bench. Now, after the Sox bought out his contract yesterday, Frank Thomas’ tumultuous tenure on the South Side is over. The question is -- would you like to see him in a Twins uniform?

The case for:
If healthy he would provide a true power presence in the lineup which, in case you haven’t noticed, the Twins sort of need.

Owner of a .427 career on-base-percentage, he could explain the concept of the strike zone to his teammates.

You just know he would come up big against the White Sox.

It would further intensify the already intense White Sox/Twins rivalry.

Because he turns 38 next May and comes with considerable baggage, the price could be right.

The case against:
He turns 38 in May and comes with considerable baggage.

He may upset Torii Hunter by supplanting him as the team’s biggest ego and official whiner.

Dick Bremer would undoubtedly coin several corny “Big Hurt” catch phrases.

It would only be a matter of time before he started complaining about the stadium, its’ facilities and Dick Bremer’s corny catch phrases.

The verdict:
While I wouldn’t be against the Twins taking a flier on Thomas if the price were right, I would rather see them pursue Jim Thome. With his history of selfish behavior and reputation as a clubhouse cancer, it is highly unlikely (5-10% chance) that the Big Hurt will ever call the Metrodome home.

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Winter's coming, it's time to heat up the stove.

Posted at 2:00 PM on November 5, 2005 by Josh Lee (4 Comments)

Jim Thome? Great. Matt Lawton? Why not? Frank Thomas? Sure, whatever. The offseason can be entertaining, not because big trades and free agent signings actually happen, but because it's fun to imagine the deals that could happen. Well, they could if your team actually had any money to spend on big-name players so that they wouldn't have to spend an entire season throwing a bunch of plucky-but-completely-out-of-their-depth AAA guys up against the wall to see if any of them stick. In reality, we're waiting to see what other teams' GMs are willing to give up for Kyle Lohse or Travis Bowyer, but that's a lot less exciting than coming up with baroque schemes to get Alfonso Soriano on the roster.

Or we could just keep ourselves occupied by imagining the madness that would ensue if Reggie Jackson were to buy the Twins, a rumor-of-a-rumor that was NOT LEAKED TO THE PRESS BY THE TWINS, who of course would never do anything to imply that THE TEAM MIGHT MOVE IF THEY DON'T GET A NEW STADIUM. Not at all.

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