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Warming up to the World Series.

Posted at 12:04 PM on October 22, 2005 by Josh Lee

It's been a difficult postseason for FOX. With both the Yankees and the Red Sox knocked out in the first round (and that other Chicago team -- the one that everybody was bandwagoning a couple of years ago -- nowhere to be seen), their broadcasters have had to scramble for things to talk about. As a result, Tim McCarver has had to diverge from his usual routine of reminding us about the Red Sox's former cursedness or trying to convince us that Bernie Williams is the greatest player ever to pick up a baseball bat, and has actually managed to ascend to a new level of non-sequitur-making. It's enough to make even Joe Buck pause in his stentorian droning to wonder "what in God's green Earth is he talking about?" Me, I just love it when McCarver actually takes the time to get into a heated debate on the nature of a good slider with an animated baseball. And by "I just love it," I actually mean "it makes me want to turn my TV off with a sharp stick."

As far as the Series itself goes, it's hard to make a call on who's going to win. The White Sox have some demons to purge, à la last year's Red Sox, and they have ton of momentum behind them, having cruised through the regular- and post-seasons on what seems to be an unending font of good luck. The Astros, however, have precedent in the form of three straight Wild Card champions on their side, in addition to a little first-time-at-the-big-dance buzz in their favor. Who can say whose feel-good stories will prevail in the end? In fact, they may actually have to play the games to decide the winner. What a pain!

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