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Judgment Day, part II...

Posted at 10:44 AM on October 6, 2005 by David Zingler (6 Comments)

As promised, here are the pitchersÖ..

The rotation
Brad Radke 9-12, 4.04 ERA, 117 K/23 BB
The Twins $9 million man, along with Shannon Stewart, is most culpable for the teamís failures this year. I wouldnít be against shopping him this off-season.
Grade: C- (midterm: C-)
Also: Radke must have some compromising pictures of Ron Gardenhire, who continually falls on the sword for his veteran hurler.

Johan Santana 16-7, 2.87 ERA, 238/45
After a disappointing first half, Santana regained his dominating form. If werenít for the over-emphasis on win totals, he would take home another Cy Young.
Grade: A- (midterm: C)
Also: Santana is the only Twins player that deserves a special trip to the game to watch, no matter what the standings may say.

Carlos Silva 9-8, 3.44 ERA, 71/9
Although he won just two games in the second half, Silva was the teamís most consistent pitcher wire-to-wire.
Grade: B+ (midterm: B+)
Also: Eric Milton, the man Silva was dealt for, went 8-15 with a 6.47 ERA in 2005. Milton made $5.3 million; Silva took home $1.75 million.

Kyle Lohse 9-13, 4.33 ERA, 86/44
The much-maligned hurler numbers are strikingly similar to Radkeís Ė he must not have the photos.
Grade: C- (midterm: C)
Also: Thanks for the memories, Kyle.

Joe Mays 6-10, 5.65 ERA, 59/41
After a solid first half, Mays self-destructed down the stretch.
Grade: D (midterm: C+)
Also: Itís been nice knowing ya, Joe.

The Ďpen
Jesse Crain 12-5, 2.71 ERA, 25/29, 1 save/11 holds
The vulture picked up enough victories to finish second on the team. Crain should be mainstay in the Ďpen for years to come.
Grade: B+ (midterm: A-)
Also: Crain began his career 10-0 before picking up a loss.

Juan Rincon 6-6, 2.45 ERA, 84/30, 25 holds
Rincon shook off the early season steroid suspension to become one of the teamís most valuable players.
Grade: A (midterm: B)
Also: Iíll give Juan the benefit of the doubt on the steroid thing. Of course, I also did for Raffy. Maybe Iíll never learn.

J.C. Romero 4-3, 3.47 ERA, 48/39, 11 holds
While his numbers looked solid, Romero allowed way too many inherited base runners to score. He looked like a stud in 2002, but has regressed since.
Grade: C (midterm: B-)
Also: Will Justin Morneau be wearing Romeroís #33 next year?

Matt Guerrier 0-3, 3.39 ERA, 45/24, 1 hold
An unknown entering the season, Guerrier was one of the teamís most pleasant surprises.
Grade: B (midterm: C+)
Also: The anti-Crain, will Guerrier ever pick up a win?

Terry Mulholland 0-2, 4.27 ERA, 18/17, 3 holds
The wily veteran finished strong after a shaky mid season stretch. Not a favorite of the stat-heads, Mulholland was an excellent mentor to the teamís young pitchers.
Grade: C (midterm: C-)
Also: Has Mulholland thrown his last major league pitch? I doubt it.

Joe Nathan 7-4, 2.70 ERA, 94/22, 43 saves
Like Santana, Nathan was lights out in the second half.
Grade: A (midterm: B)
Also: With his value peaking, should the Twins consider trading their closer for a bat?

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