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Is this hell? No, it's Iowa

Posted at 2:44 PM on July 1, 2005 by Bob Collins (5 Comments)

It started innocently enough. Norman Chad hosting an ESPN Classic showing of Field of Dreams offered that he didn't so much care for the movie. And that, apparently, unleashed years of pent-up hostility toward the movie, to the point that it is now chic to observe that Field of Dreams wasn't that good.

OK, I'll buy that it wasn't that good, even though we don't really have a definition of what that is. But to me, it was good. And it still is.

I don't think that movie was about baseball. I think it was about fathers and sons and if you can't relate -- and be moved by -- that part of the movie, then one of the following probably applies:

  1. You don't know who your father is.
  2. You never had that "breaking away" period with your father.
  3. Your father is still alive.

Now I'll give you that Kevin Costner is a lousy actor. I'll even give you that his wife was wayyyyyyyy too accomodating to the eccentric nature of the old man.

But all of that should be ignored the minute the younger Kinsella says, "Hey Dad? You want to play catch."

Man, c'mon! Turn on the tears and turn off the testosterone drip.

By the way, the Strib had an outstanding story of Moonlight Graham in Wednesday's paper. How many people are as terrific in real life as they were in the movies?

Oh, one last thing. Brando overacted in Streetcar Named Desire.
Hey Stellllllaaaaaaaaaa. Go watch a ballgame.

Comments (5)

I think the movie is OK, always have, but the plot is too slow-developing, sappy and serious.

Guy hears a voice in a cornfield, builds a baseball diamond, sees a bunch of ghosts, visits a recluse writer, tolerates Timothy Busfield and the clumination is him playing catch with his father's ghost!? Gimme a break.

I'll take "Major League" and have a few laughs.

Maybe I'm the jerk...........

Posted by daveZ | July 1, 2005 3:16 PM

You expected reality? Would it make you feel better if the little girl kept saying "I see dead people?"

Kinsella's thing, in my opinion, is as you read his stuff, you keep shaking your head saying, "man, this guy really smokes a lot of pot."

I strongly recommend his Iowa Baseball Confederacy. Man, when you finish that, you just want to buy a bag of Doritos and make sure the dog is talking about you behind your back.

Posted by Bob Collins | July 1, 2005 6:30 PM

major stinkin' league? it's about the cleveland indians and that's all it has going for it. i'm sure there's better baseball movie references out there for you to choose from. sheesh...just off the top of my head for baseball comedy i prefer bull durham or brewster's millions...dramas, the natural and eight men out, 61*... major frickin league 1 thru 3 should never be uttered by a "real" bball fans. it's plain blasphemous. while your at it...why don't you go vote for some yankees in the allstar game whilest listening to kdwb and drinking a rolling rock. yuck.

Posted by kinsella | July 2, 2005 6:36 PM

of course 61* and eight men out are better than major league -- i also love soul of the game.

those are real baseball movies, field of dreams is fantasy as is major league. major league however is entertaining and not self're right about 2 & 3 though....awful......

Posted by daveZ | July 2, 2005 11:03 PM

The ultimate insult to Cleveland in Major League I was that it was set at the Milwaukee....playing the part of Cleveland.

Posted by Bob Collins | July 3, 2005 7:40 PM

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