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Long Time Passing?

Posted at 12:11 PM on July 29, 2005 by Josh Lee (1 Comments)

As if the Twins didn't give me enough to worry about, what with their uncanny ability to not swing the bat, Aaron Gleeman points to a weird thing happening in the bullpen. In spite of how effective they've been this season, most of the Twins' relievers make me nervous when they come into a game, nagging little doubts trailing behind them as they step to the mound and take their warmup pitches: Will Romero let those inherited runners get home? Did Rincon take the right supplements this morning? Will Mulholland totally suck? Jesse Crain, however, has been a bright spot on the Twins roster this year, one of the few people who can calm me down and make me feel like things are going to be all right.

Now along comes Gleeman to harsh my mellow, pointing out that Crain has been getting all those outs and wins of his by transforming from a lights-out, closer-of-the-future strikeout pitcher into a contact-inducing, depend-on-your-defense ground ball pitcher. This is apparently not the right direction for a promising young hurler to be heading in; it's kind of like those baby turtles that wander towards beach houses instead of the ocean, only to get run over by a car on the way. (Eww, now that's a depressing analogy. Sorry.)

At least I still have Joes Mauer and Nathan to make me feel better, at least until someone points out the holes in their games.

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