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Make it stop

Posted at 2:50 PM on July 12, 2005 by Bob Collins (4 Comments)

My thoughts on Bret Boone (which basically are, "yeah, he stinks, but at least he's not Aaron Boone!") are in the other article. But the really entertaining part of this trade is the way the local lapdogs reported it.

One theme I heard from at least 2 broadcasters (not paid by the Twins) was this pearl: "this is reminiscent of the Shannon Stewart trade."

Well, OK, I'll bite. Other than the fact Shannon Stewart and Bret Boone both were players for a Major League Basball team and both were traded, what exactly is similar about the two deals.

Category Boone Stewart
Age at time of trade 36 28
OBP at time of trade .299 .347
AVG at time of trade .231 .294
SLG at time of trade .385 .442
Position played 2B OF
Traded for PTNBL & cash Bobby Kielty
Sought-after free agent? No Yes
Race White African American
Resides Orlando Miami
Presidential pick Bush* Kerry*
Favorite musical My Fair Lady* Les Miserables*
Favorite blog Bat Girl* Twins Geek*
*OK, fine, I made this up!

Gord Wittenmeyer may have unwittingly stated the problem the Twins have contending when he noted in his Knight Ridder report that
"a deal for Boone would be the Twins' biggest trading-deadline deal since they acquired leadoff hitter Shannon Stewart at the all-star break in 2003."


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All Star musings

Posted at 9:16 PM on July 12, 2005 by Bob Collins (1 Comments)

To me, the Major League All Star team is like The Sound of Music, which I remember seeing with my grandmother in the Saxon Theater in Fitchburg Massachusetts. Even though I liked it, whenever I see it on TV, I think, "oh, man, there's got to be something better on." And even if there is, I end up watching the whole thing anyway.

The All Star game is like that. It means nothing, I always think there's something better on, but I end up coming back to it anyway, and am always glad I did.

* * *

I missed the first 5 innings but tuned in in time to see Luis Castillo make the most beautiful nonchalant pick of a screaming ground ball since Robbie Alomar was able to play the game.

* * *
Roger Clemens is 43 and he's got a 1.43 ERA. It's been 8 years since Dan Duquette (and let's face it, we all nodded in agreement) let him walk away at age 35 from the Red Sox figuring he was near the end. He's won 143 games since then. Brad Radke, good as he is, and young as he is, has been in the league almost 11 full seasons, is almost 10 years younger, is a very good pitcher, and has 10 fewer career wins.

* * *

I realize that Tom Kelly is considered a genius and all, but I never liked the fact he'd never sign an autograph for kids or anyone else after a game. He'd walk right by everyone with his cigar lit and no time for anyone. I used to think, "what was he thinking?"

Now I say the same thing about Tom Kelly... everytime I see David Ortiz at the plate.

One disclaimer. TK did sign an autograph for my kids at that winter event they have or had at the Metrodome. The kids weren't as thrilled as they were when Jeff Reboulet put them on his lap for a picture. Nice guy, Reb.

A few years later, Corey Koskie was appearing at the Mall of America at some sports game shop. He was hawking some game that my kids were into and kids were invited to come play the game with Koskie. Nobody showed up except my kids. The place was empty so for an hour Koskie, who seemed to be having a good time, played the game with my kids and kept talking to my wife but always saying, "Mrs. Collins." Nice guy, Koskie.

* * *

I don't think there's going to be many blockbuster last minute deals this season. It may be the competitors have got all they're gonna get. Why? Too many buyers, not enough sellers thanks to the wild card. In the American League, 8 teams are within 6 games of a playoff spot (wild card). Even Seattle, with a little luck, could get in the picture.

Only Seattle, Kansas City and Tampa Bay could afford, really, to pack it in at this point.

So what do they have. Kansas City has Mike Sweeney available with a pricetag nobody is going to touch. And the only other reasonably talented player is shortstop Angel Berroa. But do the Twins really need a .303 OBP? Nope. Nothing there.

Tampa Bay? I'd take Aubrey Huff and Jonny Gomes but Tampa Bay isn't going to rebuild by getting rid of talented kids. Nothing there (unless you needed a closer, maybe you could get by with Denys Baez).

Seattle? The guy there I could see getting moved is Richie Sexson. He can play first for my team. Would you give up Morneau and Kyle Lohse?

* * *

Andruw Jones just hit a homer. I once left Andruw Jones on the board in the first round of an APBA baseball draft, so I could take Bob Wolcott.

* * *

Anyway, back to trading. In the NL probably 5 teams are out of the wild card hunt. Los Angeles, Pittsburg, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Colorado.

What do they have for veterans (we're assuming no team is going to trade youthful talent at this point). And I'm only focusing on offense.

Los Angeles: Jeff Kent (now, wouldn't Jeff Kent look nice at secondbase in a Twins uniform?)

Pittsburgh: Matt Lawton. No you're not getting Jason Bay and you don't need Lawton. Outfield is set. For now.

San Francisco: This is a team that figures to do something; especially if Bonds is thinking about retiring. Omar Vizquel and Moises Alou seem the most likely candidates to move to a contender. "Little O" would be sweet to see at short for the Twins and I'd be there every night to watch him. Veteran leader, still has a little range, speed, top of the order. And the Twins have pitching to give.
C'mon, Carl, go for it all. One last time.

Cincinnati: The oft-mentioned Joe Randa. Lots of talk about them moving Adam Dunn. DH? Pretty expensive but still would be nice to see an occasional rally extended. They got clobbered with Eric Milton,didn't they?

Colorado: Todd Helton. A .414 OBP. .364 away from Coors.

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