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There's got to be a way to blame this on Chuck Knoblauch.

Posted at 12:52 AM on June 23, 2005 by Josh Lee

Jayson Stark isn't my favorite writer at ESPN. It's not that he's bad or anything, it's just that his Useless Information columns are a little too aptly named. (I wouldn't spend quite as much time as I do reading his stuff if he weren't just about the only baseball writer at ESPN's website who isn't locked behind the for-pay wall they've erected.) At any rate, I've become pretty sure that the Twins' pitching staff is reading his articles pretty closely, and that they have for some unknown reason developed a grudge against him, because ever since he wrote that one article about how good they are at throwing strikes and avoiding walks? It's like they've been throwing balls off the plate as if it's going out of style, in a concerted attempt to prove Stark as wrong as possible. Last night alone, it felt like the six pitchers that the Twins sent out onto the mound walked approximately 53 batters en route to an 8-1 loss.

All right, so they "only" walked nine, and the Twins' hitting was even worse than the pitching. (I mean, really: how did they manage to make Nate Robertson look like Don "The Love Bug" Drysdale out there?) Mostly, I'm just looking for someone to blame the team's slump on, and since so many of my old scapegoats (Christian Guzman, Corey Koskie's joints) are no longer around, I have to cast around for new ones. Maybe I'll start picking on the team's hitting coach -- it seems to have worked for the Indians.

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