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I can see your glassy eyes from here

Posted at 9:13 AM on May 29, 2005 by Bob Collins (4 Comments)

I don't consider myself a stupid person. I don't consider myself a naive person. So why am I so disappointed today to read the Star Tribune's column quoting Tony Gwynn as saying "greenies are everywhere." Gwynn, to be sure, is no Jose Canseco. When he talks, you just have to listen unless you really enjoy your head being in the sand (in which case you are an owner of a Major League Baseball team).

One wonders if this constant drumbeat of drugs in baseball is slowly sending MLB the way of the NBA?


Now if that's a downer, here's a big thumbs up to the Strib for the article on adaptive athletics.It was only a few days ago I lamented about kids no longer playing just for the fun of playing. Well, here you go. So now tell me: who's the better role model? A Major League Baseball player or a kid playing for the fun of the game?


The Danny Graves situation in Cincinnati is odd. Granted, Cincinnati is a basket-case of a franchise run by dolts, but the decision to cut Graves after he flipped off a fan is still puzzling. And, yes, I know Cincinnati is big on the whole, ahem, family values thing. Sean Casey is a family values kind of guy. So listen to what he says. "They shouldn't have thrown him out like the garbage."

The Cincinnati Enquirer (see my previous post on lapdogs) has an answer for Casey. But has a more analytical view.


The Yankees are coming but first they have to take care of this little showdown with the Red Sox. I only caught a few minutes of the Friday night game but I think I saw the Red Sox, nursing a 4-2 lead, run into three outs on the bases in the same inning. That wouldn't surprise me. The Sox didn't call themselves idiots last year for nothing. Then on Saturday, of course, the Sox unloaded. Interesting to hear the Fox announcers talk about Edgar Renteria's signing in the off-season and what a disappointment he's been, and then Renteria goes off on the Yankes in that slugfest.


Is Moneyball dead? For years Billy Beane of the Oakland A's has been the kind of GM that Carl Pohlad loves; willing to spend very little money and willing to let stars walk. It led to the book that profiled the philosophy and you couldn't quibble with the A's success. But maybe Moneyball only works when you've got guys named Zito, Mulder, and Hudson as your "Big Three." Maybe the A's were just lucky to have lightning strike their rotation. I watched the A's-Indians game last night (fyi, the best games in baseball have been in Cleveland for the last week), and they really are a shell of their former selves.


So if Moneyball is dead, what's the next big thing? It's the Twins' formula. Just ask Lynn Henning of the Detroit News.

Only 4 American League teams are in action on Memorial Day. None is playing a day game. That's just... wrong.


Hey, let's do some mailbag work, send us stuff.

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