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Posted at 8:14 AM on May 7, 2005 by Bob Collins (2 Comments)

History can do wonderful things to reality. A few weeks ago, I was fascinated by the look back at FDR, and how he campaigned for peace while secretly planning for war. History is now taking another look at the Boston Red Sox of 2004 and finding a new reality too.

The New York Daily News quotes former Yankee Jon Lieber as saying that several Red Sox congratulated the Yankees on their ALCS sweep last year before game four. The Sox, of course, came back to win the next four games. Now the fun part, looking at the people the Sox jettisoned in the off-season trying to figure ut if they were the culprits.

* * *

LaTroy Hawkins -- in my house dubbed "Latoya Hawkins" coughed it up in a unique way last night. The closer by default. Chris DeLuca of the Chicago Sun Times, however, describes LaToya as "the baseball gods' way of pleading with the Cubs to deliver a new closer."

* * *

The pugilistic Don Zimmer, Joe Torre's bench coach for 8 years, unleashed a broadside on nemesis George Steinbrennerin the New York Times. "He makes all the decisions, and don't let anybody tell you he doesn't. They might all be discussed - some aren't - but there ain't nothing that goes on that he doesn't O.K. Nothing that he doesn't say yes or no to."

Once the Kentucky Derby is over, think George will turn his attention to Joe Torre? Yeah, me too.

* * *

Let the conspiracy begin! A poster on Sons of Sam Horn suggests that Bud Selig has suspended Barry Bonds for steroid use and the injury/DL time is a ruse. Yeah.

* * *

Most teams give away bobbleheads. The Cleveland Indians employ one as manager. Herewith our Eric Wedge bobblehead-move-of-the-day (B-MOD). Aaron Boone has been sending scribes to the thesaurus to find new ways of saying putrid (that is to say, he was in a 1-21 slump, batting .117, walked 5 times and struck out 25 on the season, with a .184 OBP (.184!!).

Many have not only been calling for Boone to be benched, they've suggested he be set ablaze in a ritual sacrifice to the lineup gods (the virgin thing saved the lad on a technicality).

Wedge's solution. Last night he moved Boone up to the #2 spot in the order. Boone promptly whiffed in his first AB in the first inning (an inning in which the Indians scored 7 runs) and almost came to the plate again to make the first and last outs in an inning. He flied out to lead off the second, doubled in the 4th when Joaquin Benoit hit his bat with a pitch, grounded out in the 5th, and grounded out in the 8th. That's a 1-5 night in the 2 hole. And his average went up.

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