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  • A life on the Fringes
    The Minnesota Fringe launches Thursday, bringing a slew of plays, performances, and events to venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul.August 2, 2011
  • Cedar Riverside's young people tell their story
    The East African community in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis has been in the news a great deal recently. Some young people from the neighborhood say their reality is very different from the media images of their community. They'll explain just how different in a play opening this weekend.July 21, 2011
  • Christopher Hampton at the Guthrie
    Academy Award-winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton, known for his films "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Atonement," will lend his talent to the Guthrie Theater this upcoming season. He joins Midmorning to discuss his newest translation, "God of Carnage," now playing at the Guthrie.Midmorning, July 6, 2011
  • Minn. teen wins national high school theater award
    A Minnesota teen won the top honor at the National High School Musical Theater Awards, sweeping to glory at the "Glee"-type competition by mastering songs by Stephen Sondheim and Frank Loesser.June 28, 2011
  • Oscar-nominated actor credits Minn. for his dramatic roots
    Oscar-nominated actor John Hawkes is heading home to Alexandria in west-central Minnesota this week, and he's bringing his new film "Earthwork." While it's been 30 years since he lived in Minnesota, he says his success is rooted in his home state.June 22, 2011
  • The Southern Theater's future hinges on bold new plan
    The Southern Theater is taking drastic steps to restore stability after a financial crisis nearly forced it to close. The theater laid off all staff except one, and will become primarily a rental space for the foreseeable future.June 21, 2011
  • Actress Sally Wingert a Twin Cities favorite
    Critics gave Wingert's performance in the Guthrie's "Arsenic and Old Lace" rave reviews and note her ability to draw a crowd on name recognition alone.May 27, 2011
  • Play ponders disasters both real and metaphorical
    Sometimes real life and art collide in remarkable ways. Such is the case with "Come Hell and High Water," a new show by the Moving Company which opens this weekend at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis. The play, about flooding in the Mississippi Delta, comes as many communities along the river are battling rising waters today.May 13, 2011
  • Pillsbury House play deals with sprinters and gods
    While the crowds are flocking to see the gods tussle in the movie version of "Thor," the Pillsbury House Theater in Minneapolis is about to put its own spin on struggling deities. "In the Red and Brown Water," being presented at the Guthrie Theater, uses West African traditions to tell a very modern American story.May 11, 2011
  • Southern Theater director remains optimistic
    The executive director of the Southern Theater, Gary Peterson says he is "cautiously hopeful" his organization will raise the $400,000 it says it needs to stay afloat.April 29, 2011
  • In Arthur Phillips' new novel, the play is the thing
    In his new novel, Arthur Phillips spins a tale within a tale about a novelist named Arthur Phillips, and his discovery of a long-lost play by Shakespeare. Is Phillips writing about himself, and is the play the real thing? Find out on Midmorning.Midmorning, April 26, 2011
  • New Guthrie season has a Hitchcockian twist
    The Guthrie Theater will present 14 plays in its 2011-2012 season, including a new adaptation of the short story upon which Alfred Hitchcock based "The Birds."April 18, 2011
  • A singer, and the struggle for civil rights
    A new production at the Penumbra Theatre examines the significance of the Nat "King" Cole Show, one of the first network TV programs hosted by an African American, and the role it's star played in the modern civil rights era.Midmorning, April 18, 2011
  • British production treats the heist as interactive art
    Several hundred people are expected to try to rob a Minneapolis bank this weekend. It's not a crime spree. In fact, it's all in the name of art. MPR's Euan Kerr got a sneak preview.April 15, 2011
  • Controversial dance returns 30 years after first run
    In 1979 a dance performance at the Northrop Auditorium on the U of M campus in Minneapolis outraged the audience. Some people booed and walked out. The object of the derision was a piece simply called "Dance" by choreographer Lucinda Childs with music composed and performed by Philip Glass. Now 32 years later, they've returned to mount the piece again at the Walker Art Center this weekend.April 7, 2011

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