• The triple agent
    In December 2009, a group of the CIA's top terrorist hunters gathered at a secret base in Afghanistan to meet Humam Khalil al-Balawi, a Jordanian double agent who had gained access to the top commanders of al-Qaeda. Instead of providing information, Balawi detonated a bomb strapped to his chest, killing seven CIA operatives. Joby Warrick tells the story in his new book.Midmorning, August 4, 2011
  • Wisconsin professor wins 2011 bad writing contest
    A sentence in which tiny birds and the English language are both slaughtered took top honors Monday in an annual bad writing contest.July 25, 2011
  • The big summer book show
    If you're a book lover, summer can be a great time to catch up on reading. But where to start? Two book critics share their ideas for what should be on your summer reading list.Midmorning, July 25, 2011
  • The man from Knockemstiff writes what he knows
    Author Donald Ray Pollock grew up in southern Ohio, in a place that really is called Knockemstiff. Pollock published a short story collection in 2008 named for his hometown to great acclaim. Now Pollock has a novel set in the same place, called "The Devil All the Time."July 19, 2011
  • Glen Duncan discusses 'The Last Werewolf'
    This summer has been hailed as 'the season of the supernatural' by the Wall Street Journal, and Glen Duncan's new werewolf novel certainly fits the mold. He joins us to discuss his latest book and the rise of literary horror.Midmorning, July 13, 2011
  • Meg Cabot moves from princesses to vampires
    Best known for her Princess Diaries series of novels, Meg Cabot is also author of least 50 books, mainly for young adults. Her recent best-selling foray into the burgeoning vampire genre now has a follow up in "Overbite."July 11, 2011
  • President Obama addresses the debt negotiations
    President Obama holds a live press conference to discuss the negotiations over the federal deficit and the debt ceiling. Live coverage from National Public Radio.Midmorning, July 11, 2011
  • Tales of the Amazon
    In her newest book, State of Wonder, author Ann Patchett describes a frightening encounter with a massive anaconda in the Amazon. Readers may not know that Patchett is writing from experience. She travelled the Amazon with Greg Greer, naturalist and snake-lover, who joins us on Midmorning.Midmorning, July 7, 2011
  • Robot rebellion
    In Daniel Wilson's new summer sci-fi book, "Robopocalypse," a robot develops a mind of its own and sets out to destroy humanity. Wilson, who has a Ph.D. in robotics, joins us to discuss the new novel.Midmorning, July 7, 2011
  • Christopher Hampton at the Guthrie
    Academy Award-winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton, known for his films "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Atonement," will lend his talent to the Guthrie Theater this upcoming season. He joins Midmorning to discuss his newest translation, "God of Carnage," now playing at the Guthrie.Midmorning, July 6, 2011
  • A secret history of pseudonyms
    In our "look at me" era, privacy now seems to be a thing of the past. Yet as Carmela Ciuraru's new book reminds us, this wasn't always the case. She explores the fascinating stories of more than a dozen authorial impostors across centuries and cultures.Midmorning, July 4, 2011
  • St Paul author mines the story of a bootlegging relative for novel
    When St Paul writer Mary DesJarlais needed a character for her first novel, she had to go no further than a photograph of her great aunts. She knew one of them made her living as a bootlegger in rural Minnesota during Prohibition.July 1, 2011
  • Poker champ's memoir weaves tale of winning with his family's escape from Laos
    Concordia University in St. Paul will welcome an unusual guest for a Lutheran liberal arts school -- world champion poker player Jerry Yang.June 30, 2011
  • Abraham Lincoln and slavery
    In his new book, historian Eric Foner examines Abraham Lincoln's complex ideas about slavery and African-Americans, casting fresh light on an American icon.Midmorning, June 30, 2011
  • Ann Patchett book club broadcast
    Broadcast of Kerri Miller's conversation with Ann Patchett, recorded at McNally Smith on Thursday, June 23. She talks about her new novel, "State of Wonder."Midmorning, June 28, 2011

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