Introducing MPR News

MPR News, news far beyond the radio. MPR News is now the online destination for Minnesota news that matters.

More than a newspaper or radio on the Internet, MPR News is a multimedia and interactive resource where you'll find:

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Audience Feedback

Here's what our audience is saying about the new MPR News:

"Just when I think that MPR is perfect, complete, leaving nothing to be desired you all come up with another brilliant idea!"
"What a fun website! It's very easy to follow and I found my beloved NewsCut immediately!"
"Great job done by all who put this together! So easy to navigate!! I am a happier news junky. My online news source has primarily been the NY Times website, but now I will be going to your site much more!"
"I absolutely love the new website layout/design, especially the new MPR NewsQ section. The content and functionality is intuitive and, where the old page layout looked quite cluttered at times, the new layout is very pleasing to the eye. When visiting the site in the past, and using the old page layout, I had a particular reason for visiting and did only what I had set out to do (i.e. visit NewsCut), but the new layout promotes browsing and I take time to explore; I peruse the site."
"Nice job; props to all those with a hand in designing the new site. I think it will be a big hit!"

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