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MPR News is iPad Ready | Bookmark MPR pages on iPhone or iPad

MPRNews is iPad ready.

"We know that many MPR News visitors are early technology adopters and have been counting the days until they can get their hands on the new iPad." - Mike Reszler, director, MPR Digital Media

If you access MPR News from an iPad, you'll see our new site design and be able to stream the audio from a new page while you navigate our news features and blogs. While the iPad will not play Adobe Flash files on any site including ours, you'll find you can read, share, and respond to MPRNews.

Go to www.MPRNews.org in your iPad.

Bookmark MPR pages on iPhone or iPad

In order to create an easily accessed bookmark to MPRNews on your iPad or iPhone, do the following:

MPRNews on iPhone

First display MPRNews on your iPhone or iPad. Click the + button in the center bottom.

Save to homescreen

Select Add to Home Screen.

Final Steps to save

This will automatically display an icon. You may choose to shorten the text name, as we did here to MPR News.

Shorten name to MPR News

Click Add in the upper right hand corner.

Move the icon to your favorite spot

Move the icon to your favorite spot, and easily open MPR News on your iPhone or iPad.

Give us feedback

Please take a moment to let us know how these mobile services are working for you, and what other mobile services you would like to see from Minnesota Public Radio.