Dale Connelly Feature Archive

Do you tell your kids to go directly to college after high school, or do you tell them to take a year off and figure out their life? Maybe you're like Willy Mason: he was planning to go to college, but ended up touring at age 17. (06/19/2007)
The new album from Bluesman Charlie Parr was recorded in his neighbor's garage - birds chirping, water on the floor, kids running by - and he feels that the setting allowed him to perform like he wanted. (05/30/2007)
When we last met our hero she had driven all night to join us in Jackson for our live show at the Historic State Theater last summer. (05/24/2007)
Cliff Eberhardt was on the verge of ending his career after recovering from a serious car accident, but the songs kept coming and led him to record another album for Red House Records. (05/07/2007)
Susan Werner brings to her music a background in classical, jazz, folk and rock music. She's no stranger to several instruments and has been known to launch into an aria during her folk concert tours. (05/02/2007)
Charlie Maguire trusts his friends, and depends on them for input. That's just we he did in his new album, "Good Eye Blind". His long-time friend and producer Steve Wiese helped him shape his group of new songs, hired just the right musicians and recorded the album at Creation Studios in Minneapolis. (04/25/2007)
It's been twenty years since Neal and Leandra starting singing together. Since then, they've released several recordings, got married, started a family and have made a career out of their music and engaging personalities. (04/17/2007)
One wouldn't guess Tom Feldmann grew up in the Midwest after hearing his latest CD, and that's exactly the sound he was aiming for. (03/27/2007)
So what's it like to have a rock star produce your folky-bluegrass album? Ask the women of Uncle Earl. They're touring right now in support of their CD, "Waterloo, Tennessee" which was produced by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. (03/02/2007)
In 1979, a young Rickie Lee Jones got a big taste of success from her debut self-titled album and the hit song, "Chuck E's in Love." Today, she's back on the road touring in support of her new record, "Sermon on Exposition Boulevard" and she says it was the right thing to do at the right time. (02/23/2007)
Patience pays off for Molly Maher, as she feels her new album - while not her first - contains some of her best work. (02/20/2007)
The Chanhassen Dinner Theatres were granted permission to take an Irving Berlin film musical and premeire a new stage musical from the 1948 film, "Easter Parade". The film starred Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. (02/14/2007)
Chris Cunningham and Johnny Hermanson have been playing together since high school, and this familiarity creates a chemistry that impressed both Grammy-winner Dan Wilson and Red House Records. (02/12/2007)
The New Riverside Ramblers have been a big part of Minnesota's traditional Cajun music revival for years. They make regular appearances around town to promote the Louisiana music and even offer dance lessons at their shows. (02/04/2007)
Peter Mulvey, a product of Wisconsin and a regular performer in The Morning Show playlist, is touring the country constantly. He even books some regular gigs in Ireland where he met Clive Barnes, a respected guitarist and singer in his own right. (01/22/2007)