Dale Connelly Feature Archive

Over the past several years singing and touring with his wife Leandra, Neal Hagberg has collected ideas for songs that don't necessarily fit the "Neal and Leandra mold." In fact, the songs are a definite departure from the duo's act and are meant to make the listener feel a tad bit uncomfortable, and challenge fears and beliefs. (02/20/2008)
In her eleventh album, Carrie Newcomer continues on a constant journey through human relationships - relationships we have with each other and spiritual relationships within our own hearts. She admits to being a "theology nerd" and that her songs often ask really good questions, but leaving the answer lines open to the listener. (02/18/2008)
Chances are, if you've heard any live music in the Twin Cities at any time you've seen Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton in his trademark hi-top Chuck Taylors playing the accordion. He's the founding member of several area bands including the Cafe Accordion Orchestra, the Rocking Pinecones, Jumbo Yaya and others. (02/10/2008)
What do you call a string ensemble when it adds a wind instrument? "Good question," say the members of the Spaghetti Western String Co. They've added a clarinetist in the past year which moved them in new musical directions while maintaining their indefinable sound. (02/06/2008)
The third installment in our series of conversations with songwriter Ann Reed as she continues her statewide tour and writes a new Minnesota song with help from listeners and audience members. (02/05/2008)
Ellis is talented singer-songwriter based out of the Twin Cities with a loyal, involved fan base. So involved, in fact, that they had a large part in producing a recent live album by helping her decide the album's musical direction and which songs to include. (01/31/2008)
Brothers Mike and Tom Mangione have influenced each other musically from their earliest days. Mike's first chord was the upside down E he learned from Tom. Together they've made a career of playing the instrument incorrectly. (01/24/2008)
The second installment of our on-going conversation with singer songwriter Ann Reed as she continues her statewide tour and writes a new Minnesota song, with help from listeners. (01/22/2008)
As singer songwriter Ann Reed prepares to embark on the first leg of her statewide tour, she discusses the writing of a new Minnesota song, with help from listeners. (01/09/2008)
It's been said that Nashville has more songwriters per capita than most other towns. Alison Rae and Julie Lee are both singer-songwriters with Nashville experience. Alison spent a few years there before moving back home to Minnesota. Julie lives there now and has had success not only recording her own music, but also having it recorded by the likes of Alison Krauss. (12/14/2007)
Harkening back to the music of the Louvin Brothers, The Get-Rites' country gospel songs don't leave out anything one needs to get converted. Tom Feldmann delivers the message in these songs right up front and lays the cards on the table. (12/06/2007)
Now in his fourth decade of performing, Michael Monroe is out with his newest recording, "Wintersong". It's a collection of songs and instrumentals inspired by the beauty of the winter season. (12/05/2007)
Local guitarist, producer, radio host, and musical historian Dakota Dave Hull has a new album he's releasing in the fall of 2008. It's more of what Dave does best, and that is write and interpret original and traditional American music on any number of guitars from his wide collection. (11/29/2007)
Johnny and June did it, so Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler are hoping they can be among those married couples who successfully write and produce music together. So far, it's working very well. (11/27/2007)
Leo Kottke will be one of the first to say perfection is imperfect. Or that imperfection is, well...artistic. He is a legend among guitarists. He burst on to the scene in 1969 with an album recorded live at the Scholar Coffee House in the Twin Cities and has amazed listeners ever since. (11/21/2007)