Dale Connelly Feature Archive

It's hard to nail down a typical Pete Morton show because you get a little bit of everything. Pete admits he's a news junkie, and a lot of his material is based on current events and world politics. However, he's just as capable of misting up the eyes of the audience with a love song. (09/26/2008)
Upstate New York singer-songwriter Dar Williams is out with a new CD called, "The Promised Land." She says its a new direction for her with songs that are melodic, yet simple. To achieve that sound she worked with producer Brad Wood in hopes that he would coax her into new territory. (09/23/2008)
Ruby's Caberet is back in the warehouse district of Minneapolis with a new face. It's now called Ruby's at The Lab and the very first show is a reproduction of "Sisters," a play about the richness of sisterhood with or without brothers. (09/17/2008)
The Sparrow Quartet doesn't fit any musical molds. They could be placed into a bluegrass box just as easily as a classical box or anywhere in between. (09/16/2008)
The Morning Show broadcast live from the Minnesota State Fair with special guests Ann Reed, Dan Wilson, Pert' Near Sandstone, and the annual "Where's Eric" game. (08/23/2008)
The Tannahill Weavers are a Scottish band that have been playing traditional Celtic music for 40-plus years. There have been a few personnel changes over the years, but some of the members go back to the early '70s. (08/07/2008)
French, Italian, Mexican and American music are all parts of Cafe Accordion's repertoire, but their newest recording, "Germaine," takes the listener all over the world. (07/14/2008)
Signing with a large record label has always been a career goal for most performers, but Judith Owen says it doesn't necessarily guarantee success. After a huge management shake down at Capitol Records, Owen regained the ownership of some of her songs and re-recorded them to be released on her new CD, "Mopping Up Karma." (07/03/2008)
Roma di Luna is releasing their third studio album, "Casting the Bones" and it has a new feel. The sound of the local duo has transformed over the past months by adding the influence of other musicians and friends. (06/13/2008)
Twin Cities songwriter Chris Koza is out with a new album titled "The Dark, Delirious Morning." It's his third full-length recording. The disc is already being called "Beatle-esque" and "bouncy" and Koza admits he's pretty proud of it. (06/04/2008)
In the summer of 2002, Dan Chouinard bicycled around Europe with an accordion strapped to his back, and created music, made friends, and what turned out to be the contents of a staged musical variety show at the Fitzgerald Theater called, "Cafe Europa." The show was such a success that Dan has created the sequel, "Cafe Europa II." (05/29/2008)
After hundreds of miles, e-mails and eager people Ann Reed's quest to write a new song for Minnesota is over. Or is it? On May 3, 2008 Ann got together some of her favorite musicians to present a concert that was the culmination of the tour. (05/22/2008)
Twin Cities bassist Gordon Johnson is out with another "Trios" album. This is the fourth in a series of recordings featuring Gordy, along with a variety of different jazz pianists and drummers. (05/22/2008)
So if your parents are musicians and your siblings and all of your friends are also musicians, it's in the stars that YOU would become a musician. Right? "Nope", says Lucy Wainwright Roche. (05/01/2008)
The New Roots Duo is comprised of a pair of local fingerstyle guitarists, Ben Woolman and Dan Schwartz. Both have successful individual careers in the music industry, but found that their playing styles fit well together. (04/30/2008)