Dale Connelly Feature Archive

Ramblin' Jack Elliott performs "Hard Travelin'," "Lorry Driver's Song," and "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" (09/29/2005)
Taj Mahal performs "Catfish Blues" and "Zanzibar" (09/27/2005)
Pat Donohue performs "Buddy the Blues," "Could Be Worse," "Who's Been Here," and "Gypsy Woman" (09/16/2005)
The Weepies perform "Rocks and Water," "Somebody Loved," "World Spins," and "Gotta Have You" (09/07/2005)
Marcia Ball performs "Down the Road," "Louisiana 1927," "That's Enough of That Stuff," and "Count the Days" (08/25/2005)
The Pines perform "Pale White Horse," "Midnight Sun," "Make a Run," and "Let's Go" (08/05/2005)
Little Charlie and the Nightcats perform "So Good," "Deep Pockets," "Circling the Drain," and "Tag, You're It" (07/07/2005)
Michael Johnson performs "Emilio," "You Make Me Feel So So," "Oklahoma Stray," and "Company Man" (06/24/2005)
Boiled in Lead perform "Jolly Tinker," "Music for a Found Harmonium," "Menfi," and "The MicroOrganism" (06/03/2005)
Wailin' Jennys perform "One Voice," "Arlington," and "Devil's Paintbrush Road" (05/20/2005)
Still spending 80% of his days on the road, life hasn't slowed down for Leo Kottke. His recent collaborations with bassist Mike Gordon has helped him reach a wider audience. He talked with Jim and Ed of the Morning show about the recording process down in the Carribean and performed a few songs. (04/29/2005)
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform "Ceasefire," "Gervalis," "Dr. King," and "In Lieu of Flowers" (04/19/2005)
Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues perform "Opus 17," and "Unfinished Jump" (03/31/2005)
Johnsmith performs "Down a Gravel Road," "From His Window," "Break Me Open," and "Pothole Season" (03/30/2005)
Katie McMahon performs "Waterford," "St. Patrick's Breast Plate," and "Newry Town" (03/18/2005)