Julie Siple Feature Archive

Low-income Latino families will get help signing up for food stamps thanks to a new state grant. (07/31/2013)
Minnesota's Human Services Commissioner is raising concerns about incorrect food stamp payments, after the state's payment error rate was among the worst in the nation last year. (07/26/2013)
Two years ago, the USDA launched a pilot program in Massachusetts that offered food-stamp recipients an incentive: Each time they spent $1 on produce, they would receive an additional 30 cents on their food-stamp card. (07/24/2013)
The U.S. House of Representatives shocked many observers last week when it passed a farm bill that included farm subsidies -- but said nothing about food stamps. House leaders say they'll take up food stamps later, but program supporters worry that could mean big cuts. (07/19/2013)
More help will be available for Minnesota veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness thanks to new federal grants. (07/14/2013)
Food stamps are traditionally part of the farm bill, but the House split the bill into two pieces in order to get more conservative support. Republican leaders say they'll handle food stamps later. (07/12/2013)
More than 100 people packed a room in St. Paul on Tuesday to weigh in on a draft of the state's "Olmstead Plan," which is aimed revamping the way the state provides services for people with disabilities. (07/10/2013)
The water is back on at Target Center after a break in a 16-inch main left the facility without water for most of the day. The water opened a large sinkhole a downtown Minneapolis street. (07/09/2013)
Investigators said the vehicle that struck Jessica Hanson was northbound on Pleasant Ave. S., had been speeding and had its headlights off when went through a stop sign and hit her. (07/08/2013)
Fare for All Express offers packages of lean meat and fresh produce at prices at least 30 percent below those at traditional grocery stores. It keeps prices low by purchasing in bulk from wholesalers, and by using donated space and volunteers. (07/05/2013)
When the U.S. House is expected to take up the farm bill this month, food stamps will likely be a contentious part of the debate. The House version would cut food stamps by about $20 billion over ten years -- mostly by making it harder to qualify for the program. Should it become law, the bill would mean change for Minnesota by reviving a limit on a food stamp recipient's assets. (06/03/2013)
Allina Health employees and their families planned to pack 200,000 healthy meals on Saturday morning for local food shelves, shelters and schools. (06/01/2013)
The legislative session that ended last week brought more help for food shelves. Lawmakers approved an additional $750,000 for the state's food shelves per biennium, a 30 percent increase over current funding levels. (05/26/2013)
This year's legislative session brought good news for housing and homelessness programs. State lawmakers approved an additional $33 million for programs that prevent homelessness and build affordable housing. (05/25/2013)
No seniors have been forced out of the program, nor have any groups reduced the number of meals they provide because regional agencies have been able to tap reserves -- or make other adjustments -- to fill the gap. (05/22/2013)