Julie Siple Feature Archive

About 6,800 people in Minnesota live with HIV or AIDS. Many of them also are poor, which makes it difficult to maintain healthy diets necessary for fighting the disease. (12/01/2011)
Twin Cities-based Cargill has donated more than 22 million pounds of rice to help fight hunger and malnutrition in northeastern Kenya. (11/29/2011)
For some Minnesotans, putting a Thanksgiving meal on the table is a challenge. Communities and hunger relief organizations have been working for weeks to make sure everyone gets a meal, but higher food prices are making it harder. (11/23/2011)
The number of people struggling to feed themselves and their families is on the rise in the Twin Cities suburbs, including the middle class and affluent communities of Minnetonka, Eagan and Lakeville. (11/10/2011)
The head of Minnesota's Department of Human Services wants more people to sign up for food stamps. (10/27/2011)
Early reports suggest that while more and more people are paying with EBT, their numbers are still extremely small. (10/25/2011)
An analysis of state data released Wednesday shows many Minnesota seniors who are eligible for food stamps aren't signed up. (10/05/2011)
A growing effort on the White Earth Reservation to return to traditional foods could help alleviate hunger and improve the health of people there while reconnecting them with a diet that served their ancestors. (10/04/2011)
The number of Minnesotans who struggle to put enough food on the table remains high. (09/07/2011)
Homelessness among young people is on the rise. That means hunger is, too. In the latest part of our series on hunger in Minnesota, we look at how food can become a main problem for young people without homes -- and how they learn to survive. (09/06/2011)
With an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent -- among the state's highest -- Kanabec County has many people in need, some for the first time. (08/18/2011)
Research shows that seniors who struggle with food are significantly more likely to be in fair or poor health. In a small town on Minnesota's western border, the seniors there work to get by. (08/03/2011)
One in 10 Minnesotans struggles at times to get enough food -- the reasons vary from from place to place. MPR News is travelling the state this summer to see why people are going hungry in an occasional series, "The Face of Hunger." In the first installment, we visit migrant workers in southern Minnesota who struggle to get enough food, even as they prepare the food we eat. (07/12/2011)
Food shelf directors around the state breathed sighs of relief after learning the state government shutdown won't threaten the delivery of tons of food. (07/01/2011)
Plans to end various social ills have been tried before, but some warn that setting lofty goals carries with it a big risk of failure. (06/09/2011)