Bill Catlin Feature Archive

A trio of new reports provides mixed news on Minnesota's housing market. (05/19/2011)
Company official confident changes will address concerns the Environmental Protection Agency raised about the project. (04/15/2011)
The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is alerting consumers to an email scam the consumer protection agency says results from the recent Epsilon data breach. (04/07/2011)
Demand for workers in Minnesota rose moderately this month according to an index that tracks online want ads. (03/30/2011)
The Agriculture Department had accused Michael Hartmann of ignoring a court order not to remove raw milk products from his farm near Gibbon. (03/10/2011)
UnitedHealth Group has formally protested the loss of a multi-billion dollar military contract to rival health insurer Humana. (03/07/2011)
3M CEO George Buckley has attacked president Obama as "anti-business" in an interview with the British paper, the Financial Times. (02/28/2011)
Two former workers are suing the Denver-based restaurant chain alleging it failed to pay earned wages or to do so in a timely fashion as required under state law. (02/03/2011)
Here's a look at how Minnesota's economy is faring as Obama and Congress try to create more jobs and move the country from recession to recovery. (01/26/2011)
Cargill posted sharply higher quarterly earnings, helped by strong growth from The Mosaic Co. Cargill spun off the fertilizer maker several years ago, but retains a 64 percent stake. (01/12/2011)
Boston Scientific says the IRS is trying to collect half-a-billion dollars in back taxes related to the company's 2006 acquisition of Guidant Corp. (12/21/2010)
Ecolab reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit Tuesday, citing strength in emerging markets and demand from food industry customers. (10/26/2010)
Denny Hecker was out of jail for a few hours Wednesday afternoon, for a Minneapolis courtroom to attend the latest event in his long-running legal saga -- a hearing before the judge who threw him in jail two days ago for not fully answering questions about his current financial situation. (10/20/2010)
KSTP-TV sports director Joe Schmit is one of a slew of former Petters employees investors and others being sued by a bankruptcy trustee trying to recover money for Petters' creditors. (10/07/2010)
MoneyGram International, the St. Louis Park-based money transfer company is moving its corporate headquarters to Dallas, Texas. (09/23/2010)