Bill Catlin Feature Archive

Cargill posted sharply higher quarterly earnings, helped by strong growth from The Mosaic Co. Cargill spun off the fertilizer maker several years ago, but retains a 64 percent stake. (01/12/2011)
Boston Scientific says the IRS is trying to collect half-a-billion dollars in back taxes related to the company's 2006 acquisition of Guidant Corp. (12/21/2010)
Ecolab reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit Tuesday, citing strength in emerging markets and demand from food industry customers. (10/26/2010)
Denny Hecker was out of jail for a few hours Wednesday afternoon, for a Minneapolis courtroom to attend the latest event in his long-running legal saga -- a hearing before the judge who threw him in jail two days ago for not fully answering questions about his current financial situation. (10/20/2010)
KSTP-TV sports director Joe Schmit is one of a slew of former Petters employees investors and others being sued by a bankruptcy trustee trying to recover money for Petters' creditors. (10/07/2010)
MoneyGram International, the St. Louis Park-based money transfer company is moving its corporate headquarters to Dallas, Texas. (09/23/2010)
Denny Hecker, the fallen Twin Cities auto mogul, has pleaded guilty to two fraud charges in a plea deal that could get him a maximum of 10 years in prison. Prosecutors say Hecker's fraud cost his lenders more than $20 million in losses, and that the purpose of the scheme was to support his lavish lifestyle. (09/07/2010)
Twin Cities Metro Transit bus drivers have overwhemingly rejected a contract offer from the transit agency, according to union officials. (08/23/2010)
The state of Minnesota will lend $250,000 to a biotech company that's attempting to capitalize on scientific advances pioneered at the University of Minnesota. (06/01/2010)
Minnesota Health Department officials are warning consumers about potential E. coli contamination in raw milk sold by the Hartmann Dairy farm in Gibbon. (05/26/2010)
The owner of Minnetonka-based Michael Foods is selling the supplier of refrigerated foods to an investment fund run by Goldman Sachs for about $1.7 billion. (05/21/2010)
New Orleans has decided against hiring retiring St. Paul police chief John Harrington as the next top cop in the Big Easy. (05/06/2010)
The government is seeking information about company communications related to insurance coverage of implantable defibrillators. (05/04/2010)
Delta Air Lines said flights from the U.S. to Europe will be back to normal by Wednesday, after an ash cloud cleared the air of nearly all trans-Atlantic flight traffic. (04/20/2010)
The White House Council of Economic Advisors estimates the federal stimulus plan provided Minnesota with 56,000 more jobs than there would have been otherwise in the first three months of the year. (04/16/2010)