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This map depicts non-education state government wages as a portion of total wages paid in each county in 2010. (06/24/2011)
This map depicts non-education state government employment as a portion of total employment in each county in 2010. (06/24/2011)
UnitedHealth Group is suing the Pentagon after losing the latest round in a battle to win a 5-year, $24 billion military health insurance contract. (06/21/2011)
Struggling Hutchinson Technology Tuesday issued a more upbeat outlook. (06/14/2011)
The improvement stems, in part, from the end of the federal homebuyer tax credit in April of last year. Sales in May then dropped off. That makes last month's gain appear more dramatic. (06/10/2011)
The Twin Cities real estate market is showing signs of a rebound. The number of pending sales was up 13 percent in May over the same month last year. (06/10/2011)
The company cited eight instances of the tips of coronary imaging catheters breaking off during procedures. The potential risks include heart attack and death. (05/27/2011)
A trio of new reports provides mixed news on Minnesota's housing market. (05/19/2011)
Company official confident changes will address concerns the Environmental Protection Agency raised about the project. (04/15/2011)
The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is alerting consumers to an email scam the consumer protection agency says results from the recent Epsilon data breach. (04/07/2011)
Demand for workers in Minnesota rose moderately this month according to an index that tracks online want ads. (03/30/2011)
The Agriculture Department had accused Michael Hartmann of ignoring a court order not to remove raw milk products from his farm near Gibbon. (03/10/2011)
UnitedHealth Group has formally protested the loss of a multi-billion dollar military contract to rival health insurer Humana. (03/07/2011)
3M CEO George Buckley has attacked president Obama as "anti-business" in an interview with the British paper, the Financial Times. (02/28/2011)
Two former workers are suing the Denver-based restaurant chain alleging it failed to pay earned wages or to do so in a timely fashion as required under state law. (02/03/2011)