Jim Bickal Feature Archive

In honor of the 67th birthday of its most famous former resident, Hibbing celebrates "Dylan Days" this weekend. One of the people who will be in Hibbing for the festivities is writer Toby Thompson, author of "Positively Main Street." (05/22/2008)
Tomorrow, Minnesotan Patrick Dewane presents a one-man play at the Minnesota History Center called "The Mushroom Picker: A Family Story about World War II." It's part of the History Center's ongoing exploration of Minnesota's Greatest Generation. (04/25/2008)
In a new book Southwest State University historian Joseph Amato traces the story of his family across North America and Europe. In "Jacob's Well: A Case for Rethinking Family History," Amato talks about his ancestors and uses their stories to put a human face on historical events. (03/12/2008)
One family in Minnesota can trace its roots to a man who came to the state from Philadelphia in the 19th century, because he was told that the climate could cure tuberculosis. (03/04/2008)
Sen. Barack Obama's campaign has rented a storefront in Decorah, Iowa. The Obama office is run by field organizer Victoria McCullough, who has been there for six months. She spoke with MPR's Jim Bickal about her experiences in Decorah. (12/10/2007)
MPR's Jim Bickal talked with some folks in Decorah about who they like for president and why. (12/10/2007)
MPR Morning Edition producer Jim Bickal talked with folks around Decorah, Iowa about what they are looking for in their next president. (12/10/2007)
MPR's Morning Edition visited Decorah, Iowa Monday to preview the Iowa caucuses, which take place in early January. MPR's Jim Bickal spoke with John Christiansen, an emeritus professor of history at Luther College, to talk about the history of Decorah, where the college is located. (12/10/2007)
Minneapolis music veteran Dan Wilson, of Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic, has just released his first solo album. MPR's Cathy Wurzer talked with him about the new album and the song-writing process with collaborators like The Dixie Chicks and Sheryl Crow. (10/18/2007)
A Little League team from Coon Rapids is preparing to play on a big stage this weekend, at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. (08/17/2007)
Minnesota Twins first baseman Justin Morneau is featured in a new book, "Before the Glory: 20 Baseball Heroes Talk About Growing Up and Turning Hard Times into Home Runs." The book highlights players talking about their childhood and some of the challenges they faced growing up. (07/19/2007)
The John G. and Minnie Gluek house is being sold for only the second time. Its new owners will move into a home that has been virtually untouched since its construction in 1902. (03/16/2007)
The Gluek mansion at 2447 Bryant Avenue South in Minneapolis has been a source of mystery and speculation in that neighborhood for years. This weekend, the doors to this fabled house are open to the public for an estate sale. (03/09/2007)
An exhibit from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, has made a stop in the Twin Cities for the winter. MPR's Jim Bickal toured the exhibit and talked with two of the game's greatest stars. (11/24/2006)
In a roundtable conversation, MPR's "Bleacher Bums" -- David Zingler, Ben Tesch, and Josh Lee -- talk with MPR producer Jim Bickal about the team's playoff prospects, and what the team has that other successful Twins teams didn't. (10/02/2006)