Steven John Feature Archive

The fossil remains of a feathered dinosaur as big as a school bus were recently discovered in China, according to an account in the journal <i>Nature</i>. (04/05/2012)
Members of the state House of Representatives are debating on a proposal to amend the constitution to require voters to show photo identification at polls. (03/21/2012)
As millions of baby boomers approach retirement age, medical researchers are exploring how the brain ages and the links between healthy living and memory retention. (01/25/2012)
There are more than 20 million Americans trying to overcome addiction or stay sober. Now there's a sobriety application to help them. (01/24/2012)
As this year's state legislative session convenes, there likely will be many constituents who ask lawmakers for more. (01/24/2012)
The state's suicide prevention hotline is meeting teens where they text. (01/23/2012)
Best Buy says it is taking steps to expand its in-store recycling program. (11/10/2011)
Motorists in Minneapolis and St. Paul are reminded to prepare for detours Sunday due to the annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. (09/30/2011)
Minnesota's 2nd District Rep. John Kline says the Obama administration is setting a terrible precedent by granting conditional waivers from a controversial education law. (09/29/2011)
The head of the region's largest human service provider is stepping down after 24 years. (08/31/2011)
Minnesota's U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones will take over as acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Tuesday. (08/30/2011)
A tropical air mass brought record heat, air pollution concerns and more buckled pavement to the Twin Cities Tuesday. (06/07/2011)
The cholesterol-lowering medication is also the most sold drug, according to a survey by IMS Health that offered a snapshot of the nation's top prescribed drugs and the best-selling drugs. (04/26/2011)
She's joins the president, first lady, Oprah and founder of Facebook on the magazine's list of the world's most influential people. (04/21/2011)
MPR News political editor joins All Things Considered host Steven John to discuss the week in politics. (12/17/2010)