Toni Randolph Feature Archive

An Excelsior man was sentenced to probation and 90 days in jail Friday after pleading guilty to felony charges of providing alcohol to a 19-year-old who got drunk and later died. (03/01/2008)
Programs to help financially struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure may do little to keep borrowers in their homes. (02/29/2008)
More than 130 people attended an open house in Hastings Wednesday to learn more about plans to redirect traffic during maintenance work on the Highway 61 Bridge across the Mississippi River. (02/28/2008)
Centerpoint Energy has indefinitely postponed a plan to send the names of customers who are behind in payments to credit-reporting agencies. (02/08/2008)
Officials at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Stillwater say they have thwarted an apparent escape attempt at the prison, when guards found an underground tunnel. (02/07/2008)
The last major party presidential candidate to visit Minnesota before Tuesday's caucuses was Republican Ron Paul. More that 4,000 people turned out to see him at a rally Monday night at the University of Minnesota. (02/05/2008)
Members of Minnesota's Congressional delegation are calling for cooperation from the Justice Department as the investigation of the Minnesota U.S. Attorney's office continues. (01/30/2008)
Minnesota Health officials say the neurological illnesses of several workers at a pork slaughterhouse in Indiana may help solve a medical mystery in Minnesota. (01/17/2008)
Immigration attorneys have asked an immigration judge to throw out evidence in the case against one of the people caught up in the raid on the Swift meatpacking plant in Worthington, Minn. (01/12/2008)
The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled that the state Department of Education was correct when it ordered the Robbinsdale school district to offer special education to disabled students in the district who attended private and parochial schools. (01/08/2008)
One of your New Year's resolutions may be to get more exercise. But getting exercise can be a challenge during the gloomiest, coldest part of the year. Still, every week hundreds of people have found a cheap, accessible, warm place to run off those holiday pounds -- they go to one of the largest buildings in Minneapolis. (12/27/2007)
Leaders in Minnesota's non-profit community are strategizing over how to respond to a decision by the state's top court. The Minnesota Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that could jeopardize the property tax exemption for non-profits in the state. (12/20/2007)
The chief of the St. Paul Police Department said he regrets the search of a news reporter's phone records. (12/14/2007)
About 60 nonprofit groups have agreed to work together to find a way to reverse a state Supreme court ruling on property tax exemptions for charities. (12/11/2007)
Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson filed two separate lawsuits Thursday against out-of-state mortgage consultants. (12/06/2007)