Toni Randolph Feature Archive

Does this seem familiar? A music style that captivates young people, but is condemned by the larger society. Once it was rock and roll. Now it's hip hop. (04/07/2006)
On and off the reservation, Red Lake Ojibwe will remember the 10 people who died in a school shooting a year ago. (03/21/2006)
A bill that would allow Hmong cultural marriages to become recognized by the state of Minnesota is facing resistance from some Hmong leaders. (03/20/2006)
About 400 members of the Hmong community turned out for a town hall meeting in St. Paul Thursday night to get an update on what's happened since hundreds of Hmong graves were desecrated in Thailand last fall. (03/03/2006)
Some Minnesota residents today told a U.S. Senate committee hearing in St. Paul on Monday that high heating costs are causing them financial distress. (02/13/2006)
The murder trial in the killing of St. Paul police officer James Sackett gets underway Monday. In 1970, Sackett was lured to a house by a fake 911 call, and then shot by a sniper. (02/05/2006)
St. Paul police and social service providers are working together to find a better way to deal with the city's homeless population. (01/24/2006)
Funeral services are scheduled Monday for a Minnesota Marine who died in Iraq earlier this month. Lance Cpl. Scott Modeen was one of 10 Marines -- two from Minnesota -- who were killed in an explosion during a promotion ceremony in Fallujah. (12/11/2005)
3M Co. said Wednesday it has named George W. Buckley, the chairman and chief executive of boat maker Brunswick Corp., as its new chairman, president and chief executive officer, effective immediately. (12/07/2005)
Human rights advocates in Minnesota are getting involved in the fight to try to stop graves from being dug up near a Buddhist temple in Thailand where thousands of Hmong refugees lived before resettling in the United States. (12/02/2005)
A Minneapolis technical school teaches people how to fix up cars. The program pays for itself by selling cars the students repair. The tuition is free. For some students, the Newgate Center is a cheap education. For others it's a route out of poverty. (11/23/2005)
A new state law allows shelter workers to vouch for their client's residency. (11/08/2005)
About 25 Army Reserve soldiers who'd been on active duty in Iraq for the last year returned on Monday. They received a warm welcome from family and friends when they arrived at Fort Snelling. (10/31/2005)
A judge has found enough evidence to suggest a Catholic priest killed a funeral home director and his intern more than three years ago. (10/03/2005)
The jury's guilty verdict ends the legal aspect of the Chai Vang murder case. But the emotional toll will linger, especially for members of the area's Hmong community. (09/16/2005)