Toni Randolph Feature Archive

2006 marks the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the first Hmong refugees in Minnesota. (11/17/2006)
Staff Sgt. Kevin Witte was one of more than 100 members of the military who died in the war in October. (11/01/2006)
The "mall" is turning 50. Southdale Center in Edina was the country's first indoor shopping center. And it's celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. (10/06/2006)
In the coming months, Liberians living in the U.S. will begin to tell their stories about atrocities that occurred in their West African nation. Some of the early training to collect those statements is underway now in Minnesota. (10/04/2006)
The Saturday tornado was the first F-2 tornado in central and southern Minnesota since 2001 that was not preceded by a tornado warning. (09/18/2006)
Marine Cpl. Johnathan Benson of North Branch is remembered for his love of the military, and his pride in serving. Benson died last week from injuries he suffered in Iraq a few months ago. His funeral is Sunday. (09/15/2006)
Christian evangelical leaders are launching voter registration drives in some battleground states, including Minnesota and Ohio. They're concerned that discontent with the Republican Party could suppress voter turnout among conservatives. But one congregration won't take an active role in politics. (09/10/2006)
The Hispanic population is on the rise across the United States. And now, some organizations are making concerted efforts to try to communicate better with Spanish-speaking communities, including local police departments. (09/06/2006)
After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast one year ago, more than 800 families from the region ended up taking shelter in the Twin Cities. (08/29/2006)
Northwest Airlines' flight attendants could implement their CHAOS work slowdown strategy as early as Friday night. CHAOS makes it hard for travelers to plan; that's by design. That's making some travelers nervous, but others aren't worried. (08/25/2006)
The Minneapolis Park Police chief got an earful about racial profiling from members of the Twin Cities African-American clergy Friday. The meeting came a week after one pastor complained he was subjected to racial profiling at a city park. (07/28/2006)
A huge semi is making its way into Minnesota, through the Twin Cities and on toward North Dakota. The super-sized load weighs 458,000 pounds -- the same as 28 full-grown African elephants. (07/24/2006)
Dozens of girls from around the world have been in St. Paul all this week, attending the International Girls Summit at Macalester College. They're here working on projects that call attention to global issues facing women and girls, such as health, education, human rights and violence. (07/14/2006)
A St. Paul native who joined the Army shortly after graduating from high school was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan Friday, according to the Pentagon. (05/11/2006)
A night at the theater can sometimes be more than just entertainment. Current community issues are being portrayed in a prominent way at a couple of Twin Cities companies. The theaters are staging plays that deal directly with events going on in the streets today. (05/04/2006)