Toni Randolph Feature Archive

Liberians take part in an effort to heal their home country's wounds from violence. (05/01/2007)
Officials say a student found a typed note with a bomb threat in the restroom of a classroom building. The student gave the note to a professor, who turned it over to campus police. (04/18/2007)
The spotlight on the Islamic religion has been getting brighter over the past few years. That hasn't burned away some of the stereotypes that some people have about Islam. (04/18/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty has named a panel of seven people to examine problems at the Minnesota Veterans Homes. (04/06/2007)
The Minnesota Department of Health found three new violations during a reinspection of the Minneapolis Veterans Home. Health officials also found that six previous violations have not been corrected. (03/08/2007)
Thousands of Liberians have been living in Minnesota and the U.S. for years on a temporary basis. (02/27/2007)
Two more flu-related deaths have been reported in Minnesota -- one a Minneapolis firefighter, and the other a child in Duluth. (02/13/2007)
The Minnesota Department of Health is reporting two more deaths of children from influenza. (02/08/2007)
High school wresting was suspended across Minnesota on Tuesday because of an outbreak of a skin infection. The Minnesota State High School League says 24 individual cases of herpes gladiatorum have been confirmed. (01/30/2007)
At least one Minnesota charity executive wonders if people may be tapped out. (12/22/2006)
Pawlenty's plan has already won praise from both environmentalists and business interests. (12/12/2006)
More than 70 reporters, editors and other Twin Cities newspaper staffers rallied outside the Pioneer Press on Monday. They were protesting recent job cuts at the St. Paul newspaper. (12/11/2006)
Hours after the Minnesota National Guard announced the death of a third soldier in Iraq this week, it said Wednesday more 600 additional Minnesota Air National Guard members would be deployed to southwest Asia early next year. (12/06/2006)
The two Minnesota National Guard soldiers who were killed in Iraq this weekend were from the same unit based in Crookston. (12/04/2006)
Most airline passengers have never reported suspicious activity, as one person did Monday at Twin Cities Airport. What kind of behavior would prompt travelers to notify security as they head for the departure gate? (11/22/2006)