Stephanie Curtis Feature Archive

"Too many movies, not enough time." It's a common complaint from Stephanie Curtis the Movie Maven and arts reporter Euan Kerr, especially now, with the deluge of year-end blockbusters and Oscar hopefuls. (12/23/2011)
Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr discuss impossible missions and the curse of addiction. (12/16/2011)
Today Euan Kerr and Stephanie Curtis size up the latest cinematic offering from a certain celebrity screenwriter and former Minneapolis erotic entertainer on Cube Critics. (12/09/2011)
Maybe just once they could talk about their knitting club or yoga lessons or their latest community ed adventure but no, it's movies, movies, movies for the Cube Critics. (12/02/2011)
The Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr discuss Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" by Brian Selznick. (11/25/2011)
When Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr compare notes on the films they've seen, there's often not a lot of overlap. But this week, the two movie maniacs saw the same flick and that's the topic of discussion on Cube Critics. (11/18/2011)
Cube Critics discuss a biopic about the nation's number one G-Man, and the electric automobile getting its revenge. (11/11/2011)
Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and like-minded soul arts reporter Euan Kerr discuss a troubled relationship movie and an eerie film starring one of the Olson twins. (11/04/2011)
Not everything is coming up rosy for the Cube Critics this week. Today, they talked about a Shakespeare thriller, a sci-fi flick about immortality, and more gonzo journalism on the big screen. (10/28/2011)
The Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr discuss a futuristic love story and three comedians who go birding. (10/14/2011)
This time the Cube Critics discuss "relationship" movies. (09/30/2011)
This week's decision by Netflix to split into two services, and the ire that has aroused in the MPR Newsroom. (09/23/2011)
The Movie Maven names her fave films of the year. (09/16/2011)
Cube Critics discuss films containing violence against aliens, violence between brothers, and a deadly epidemic. (09/07/2011)
The Movie Maven, Stephanie Curtis, joins Gary Eichten at the MPR State Fair booth to talk about the best and worst remakes. Helen Mirren's "The Debt" is the latest remake. (Midday, 09/02/2011)