Annie Baxter Feature Archive

state economic officials say the surge in hiring indicates Minnesota has regained all the jobs lost in the Great Recession, and then some, surpassing national job growth. (09/19/2013)
The layoffs are part of 1,900 cuts nationwide announced today by the bank, which is responding to a changing marketplace for home loans. (09/18/2013)
According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, real GDP, an inflation-adjusted measure of the value of goods and services produced in a year, grew by 3.9 percent in the Twin Cities between 2011 and 2012. (09/18/2013)
There's reason to think that at the very least, employers in the state were not in layoff mode in August. (09/16/2013)
Realtors say the market's fundamentals are still strong, but a seasonal slowdown is taking hold and affecting sellers. (09/12/2013)
The vacancy rate for Twin Cities apartments charging less than $1,000 per month fell to 2 percent in the second quarter. That was down from a rate of 2.7 percent a year earlier. (09/10/2013)
The Creighton University business conditions index jumped to 59 in August from July's reading of 54. A score above 50 indicates economic expansion. (09/03/2013)
International sales of Minnesota goods fell to $5.2 billion in the second quarter of the year. That was a drop of 6 percent compared to the same period last year. (08/29/2013)
Even though overall mosquito numbers are dropping, there's a spike in the kind of mosquito that transmits West Nile virus. (08/29/2013)
Advertisements featuring gay couples are still few and far between. Many companies try to cater to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers, but those efforts are generally not obvious to the general public. That's starting to change. (08/29/2013)
As they continue to emerge from the economic depths of the Great Recession, Minnesota's community banks are contending with fewer loans that have soured, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis concluded after a quarterly look at banking conditions in the state. (08/22/2013)
Cargill is halting its salt mining operations deep under Lake Erie in Ohio for safety reasons. (08/21/2013)
The Delaware company, MPHJ Technology Investments LLC, was accused of trying to wring money out of hundreds of Minnesota businesses over alleged violation of patent rights. The company told business owners that their use of office equipment to scan documents to email infringed on its patents. (08/20/2013)
Minnesota's factories are churning out lots of products like airplane parts and medical devices these days, but they're not exactly going on hiring sprees. (08/19/2013)
The city of Minneapolis and the state's economic development agency are teaming up on a program to help workers over age 50 and veterans under 30 escape long-term unemployment. (08/14/2013)