Annie Baxter Feature Archive

Regional reports on the job and housing markets for the month of May are due out this week. (06/11/2012)
Best Buy founder and chairman Richard Schulze is stepping down from his board position earlier than originally planned to explore options for his hefty 20 percent stake in the company. (06/07/2012)
Twin Cities-based Supervalu plans to cut up to 2,500 western U.S. workers in its Albertson's subsidiary. (06/07/2012)
Minneapolis-based Thrivent Financial for Lutherans says it's considering backing off its Lutheran membership requirement. (06/06/2012)
The maximum duration of extended unemployment benefits in Minnesota will drop from 60 to 46 weeks later this month. (06/04/2012)
Minnesota manufacturers foresee growing strength in the regional economy over the next three to six months. That's according to a survey of supply managers from Creighton University. (06/01/2012)
The number of online want ads for jobs in Minnesota dropped in May, according to the research group The Conference Board. (05/30/2012)
The Twin Cities housing market in March posted its second consecutive month of price gains on an annual basis, according to the latest Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Home Price Index. (05/29/2012)
Short sales involve selling a home for less than is owed, and most people who have been through one probably would not describe it as a short process. But new federal guidelines could push banks to approve those sales faster. (05/25/2012)
The last thing expectant parents need is more reason to be afraid. (05/23/2012)
Minnesota banks are almost past the crisis from the financial meltdown, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. (05/21/2012)
Minnesota's unemployment rate fell slightly to 5.6 percent in April, but the improvement did not come about as a result of a healthier labor market. Instead, many unemployed workers gave up on their job hunt and were no longer counted as unemployed. (05/17/2012)
The interim CEO at Best Buy is trying to reassure employees that the company will emerge from a recent scandal "stronger and better." (05/15/2012)
In 1966, Best Buy was a stereo specialty retailer called Sound of Music, founded by Richard Schulze in St. Paul. Today, Schulze is another casualty of the recent scandal that swept Best Buy's chief executive Brian Dunn out of the company. (05/15/2012)
There's been a steady stream of reports predicting a dearth of nurses in the coming years. One recent forecast projects a national shortage of up to 1 million nurses in 2020. But students graduating from nursing programs in Minnesota this year are finding it harder than they thought to find a job. (05/11/2012)