Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

You need a lot of things to run a first-rate military campaign, not the least of which is a catchy title. (07/11/2007)
Prince fans told stories of waiting outside overnight to get tickets. Bloggers endlessly critiqued the show. But what was the Purple One's impromptu concert like from the club's point of view? (07/09/2007)
E-mail is fast. It's convenient. And it can get you in lots of trouble. (07/09/2007)
The world gets a glimpse into just what the CIA was up to in decades past. And it isn't pretty. (06/29/2007)
These days everyone from Anheuser-Busch to Delta Airlines is reaching out to gay and lesbian consumers. But it wasn't long ago that businesses thought twice about flying their logos alongside the rainbow flag. (06/26/2007)
There are an estimated 40 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide. That's the entire population of Minnesota -- times 8. (06/20/2007)
In the animal world, being a good dad means incubating fertilized eggs in your mouth for two months or building a nest from vegetation and the secretions of your own kidneys. (06/18/2007)
Tuberculosis patient Andrew Speaker is the first person ordered into isolation by the federal government in over forty years. His case has returned the word "quarantine" to our public vocabulary. (06/05/2007)
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is asking Americans to choose her campaign song. How do today's political anthems compare to those of past candidates? (06/01/2007)
They're kind of like a book group. But instead of discussing the latest bestsellers, these Twin Cities women talk about living wills and cremation, and the music selections they'd like at their funerals. (05/26/2007)
The rituals of death tell us a lot about the living. What do our customs say about our society? And how do our practices shape the way we view our final fate? (05/21/2007)
Some say we're all equal in death. Cleary, those people don't realize how personalized the funeral industry has become. (05/21/2007)
They've been called cities of the silent. But cemeteries actually tell us a lot about society. (05/21/2007)
Embalming enables the deceased to look as good in death as they did in life. And that's completely altered the scope of the funeral industry. (05/21/2007)
The rituals of death vary greatly from one religion to another, one culture to the next. Here is a small sampling of the beliefs that help guide the way people deal with the deceased. (05/21/2007)