Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

Pornography, cocaine and death. Such things could easily make the list of top power-ballad themes. Coincidentally, they're also some of the topics the Supreme Court will be throwing around this session. (10/01/2007)
Reporter Nikki Tundel suggests a family-friendly weekend activity. And she's betting it's one of the few that includes both latrines and a cholera tent. (09/28/2007)
More than 4 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes. Who's taking them in? And who isn't? (09/27/2007)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced who will be rebuilding the 35W bridge. But that doesn't mean the public is done offering opinions on the structure. (09/21/2007)
It's one of the mysteries of modern life. You run into Target for aluminum foil and floor cleaner. Yet you emerge with an art deco toaster and a pair of red lacquer bar stools. (09/18/2007)
Thousands of 4-Hers flood the fairgrounds to showcase their sheep and cattle and swine. But just what do all these farm kids do when they're not in the judging ring? (08/31/2007)
What's life like today, 730 days after the most expensive natural catastrophe in U.S. history? (08/29/2007)
These days, people hit the state fair grandstand to take in the musical acts. But in the early days of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the grandstand was the place to watch planes crash into buildings and locomotives collide head-on. (08/24/2007)
War protests have done little to stop the war in Iraq. Why do people continue to stand on the street with peace signs? (08/22/2007)
If this were a reality show, now would be the "big reveal" moment. (08/13/2007)
Meet Stephen Burt, our poet turned lyricist, who wrote the words for our Songs from Scratch project. (08/12/2007)
Citizen's arrests are legal everywhere from New Zealand to Hong Kong to here in Minnesota. But just how does a regular citizen go about apprehending a drunk driver or an armed robber? (08/07/2007)
Minneapolis police officers say nothing could have prepared them for what they found when they arrived on the scene of the I-35 bridge collapse. (08/06/2007)
The withdrawal of U.S. troops after the 1991 Persian Gulf War took seven months. And no one was shooting at them as they tried to head home. (07/27/2007)
Democratic presidential hopefuls field questions from the parents of soldiers in Iraq, a gun rights advocate wielding a rifle, and an animated snowman. (07/24/2007)