Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

The rituals of death tell us a lot about the living. What do our customs say about our society? And how do our practices shape the way we view our final fate? (05/21/2007)
Some say we're all equal in death. Cleary, those people don't realize how personalized the funeral industry has become. (05/21/2007)
They've been called cities of the silent. But cemeteries actually tell us a lot about society. (05/21/2007)
Embalming enables the deceased to look as good in death as they did in life. And that's completely altered the scope of the funeral industry. (05/21/2007)
The rituals of death vary greatly from one religion to another, one culture to the next. Here is a small sampling of the beliefs that help guide the way people deal with the deceased. (05/21/2007)
Memorial reefs. Fireworks shows. Diamond rings. These days, there are some pretty interesting places to rest in peace. (05/21/2007)
Looking good when you're dead isn't easy. Luckily there are people out there who can help. (05/21/2007)
How do you make yourself heard at the state Capitol? Try firing a cannon. (05/03/2007)
Smoking bans are nothing new. People have been debating the right to light up since the day European explorers returned from the New World with tobacco. (04/27/2007)
How did the pomegranate go from an ancient symbol of fertility to the key ingredient in a Starbucks Frappuccino? (04/20/2007)
Cities across the country are looking for ways to curb their pigeon populations. Do the birds deserve to be run out of town or are they simply victims of bad press? (04/16/2007)
When it comes to fashion, knits and denim are so last year. These days it's all about corn and bamboo. (04/13/2007)
Here comes Peter Cottontail. But why? (04/06/2007)
Sure, bacteria can make us sick. But they also make us who we are. And we couldn't live without them. (04/04/2007)
Minnesotans may not be able to buy wine in grocery stores. But at least they're allowed to swallow the Shiraz and Chardonnay at wine tastings -- unlike the residents of Utah. (03/28/2007)