Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

How do you convince people to move to your state? You come up with a clever marketing plan. And that's just what Minnesota did in the 1800s. (05/08/2008)
Minnesota officially became a state in 1858. But 16 years before that, there was another proposal for statehood. And it would have created a much different Minnesota. (05/07/2008)
St. Paul was already a bustling community when Minnesota became a state. Just what was life like in this 1850s frontier town? (05/06/2008)
Minnesota marks its 150th year of statehood. What kind of place has it become? (05/05/2008)
Americans are bombarded by electronic beeps. Microwaves emit them. So do ATMs and elevators, grocery store scanners and waffle makers. But why? (04/25/2008)
Delta and Northwest have high hopes. But not everyone is happy about the combination of the carriers. (04/15/2008)
Taxes have been around almost as long as civilization itself. In fact, ancient Egyptians complained about the tax collector through hieroglyphs. (04/15/2008)
They said it would never catch on. Today, it's one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. (04/10/2008)
Political protest has long been part of the Olympic Games. (04/07/2008)
Support for the Iraq war is down, but the number of college students completing Army officer training is on the rise. (03/28/2008)
Bird flu is no longer dominating the headlines. But that doesn't mean we've beaten it into submission. (03/26/2008)
John Sellers just may be the most obsessive Guided by Voices fan on the planet. And, if you know anything about Guided by Voices fans, that's really saying something. (03/12/2008)
If Lent had a mascot, it would likely be a fish, or maybe a fish fillet. (03/07/2008)
Daylight saving time goes into effect early Sunday morning. The goal of daylight saving time is to provide more light in the evening. Its secondary objective must be to create chaos. (03/06/2008)
The United States shoots down a defunct spy satellite. (02/21/2008)