Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

A Twin Cities think tank showcases the worst political advertising America has to offer. (05/20/2008)
Six months ago pundits named Hillary Clinton the inevitable Democratic nominee for president. Today they're calling for her to bow out of the race. (05/16/2008)
What do a morel mushroom, a Lake Superior agate and a blueberry muffin have in common? They're all official state symbols for Minnesota, of course. (05/09/2008)
How do you convince people to move to your state? You come up with a clever marketing plan. And that's just what Minnesota did in the 1800s. (05/08/2008)
Minnesota officially became a state in 1858. But 16 years before that, there was another proposal for statehood. And it would have created a much different Minnesota. (05/07/2008)
St. Paul was already a bustling community when Minnesota became a state. Just what was life like in this 1850s frontier town? (05/06/2008)
Minnesota marks its 150th year of statehood. What kind of place has it become? (05/05/2008)
Americans are bombarded by electronic beeps. Microwaves emit them. So do ATMs and elevators, grocery store scanners and waffle makers. But why? (04/25/2008)
Delta and Northwest have high hopes. But not everyone is happy about the combination of the carriers. (04/15/2008)
Taxes have been around almost as long as civilization itself. In fact, ancient Egyptians complained about the tax collector through hieroglyphs. (04/15/2008)
They said it would never catch on. Today, it's one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. (04/10/2008)
Political protest has long been part of the Olympic Games. (04/07/2008)
Support for the Iraq war is down, but the number of college students completing Army officer training is on the rise. (03/28/2008)
Bird flu is no longer dominating the headlines. But that doesn't mean we've beaten it into submission. (03/26/2008)
John Sellers just may be the most obsessive Guided by Voices fan on the planet. And, if you know anything about Guided by Voices fans, that's really saying something. (03/12/2008)