Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

People around the country are scrambling and scrounging to get tickets for Tuesday's presidential inaugural ceremonies. Not Erik Vergiels. The Fergus Falls high schooler has had his ticket for months. (01/16/2009)
Instead of just seeing coworkers in the office hallway, employees are now running into their colleagues in cyberspace. And that kind of interaction can get a bit tricky. (01/14/2009)
Various images and depictions of Jesus during the holidays. (12/23/2008)
The earliest image we have of Jesus Christ was created 300 years after he lived. So perhaps it's only natural that followers depict Jesus in ways that make sense to them. (12/23/2008)
It's not just politics and religion that make for some tense conversational moments during the holidays. (12/22/2008)
It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, as it turns out, the state of the economy has a way of altering our vision. (12/18/2008)
A Minneapolis photographer searches for answers about the afterlife with a camera. (12/08/2008)
You can now find the popular pork product in chocolate truffles, martinis, even ice cream. (11/28/2008)
The state's U.S. Senate recount offers a rare look into the various voting methods of Minnesotans. But, Minnesota isn't the only state where voters take creative liberties with their ballots. (11/26/2008)
When a family's focus is on finding food and shelter, getting the kids to class isn't always a top priority. (11/17/2008)
Fact checkers are out in full force this election season. But just how much difference do the facts make? (10/29/2008)
Tumbling stocks and a fluctuating dollar have prompted a gold rush of sorts. But is the precious metal really a golden opportunity? (10/22/2008)
Jim and Darlyne Lyons' job, in a nutshell, is to lend thousands of dollars to alleged criminals and then hope to come out on top. (10/13/2008)
The country's financial turmoil has many Americans fearing for the worst. And, according to some, the nation's newfound pessimism might not be such a bad thing. (10/06/2008)
Scrapbooking isn't just about preserving memories. It's also about omitting them. (10/01/2008)