Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

Tombstones used to simply offer the name of the dearly departed and maybe a carving of some religious icon. But these days, grave markers showcase everything from the deceased's hobbies to their favorite cartoon characters. (05/08/2009)
It's the job of state employment counselors to make sure that Minnesotans with disabilities have as good a chance of getting a job as anyone else. But the economic recession is making their mission much more difficult. (04/02/2009)
Americnas were outraged when troubled insurance company AIG paid top executives $165 million in bonuses. Some say this public outcry was a sign Americans have had enough of the country's super rich. (03/27/2009)
The U.S. Army recently made suicide prevention training mandatory for every single person in the service. (03/18/2009)
Some people ask their neighbors if they can borrow a cup of sugar. Anita O'Sullivan asked hers if she could direct them in a stage show. (03/06/2009)
In therapy sessions, on talk shows, even online, Americans are confessing their sins. It seems the only place not buzzing with mea culpas these days is the confessional booth. (02/27/2009)
Today's pirates are a far cry from the dashing swashbucklers featured in folklore. But despite all the present-day pillaging, Americans hold tight to centuries-old pirate mythology. (02/06/2009)
As the economy continues to struggle, more U.S. companies are cutting employee pay. It's a business tactic rarely seen since the Great Depression. (01/29/2009)
In some countries, political change comes in the form of coups and bloodshed. In the Untied States, the transition of power is typically marked by dinner and dancing. (01/16/2009)
People around the country are scrambling and scrounging to get tickets for Tuesday's presidential inaugural ceremonies. Not Erik Vergiels. The Fergus Falls high schooler has had his ticket for months. (01/16/2009)
Instead of just seeing coworkers in the office hallway, employees are now running into their colleagues in cyberspace. And that kind of interaction can get a bit tricky. (01/14/2009)
Various images and depictions of Jesus during the holidays. (12/23/2008)
The earliest image we have of Jesus Christ was created 300 years after he lived. So perhaps it's only natural that followers depict Jesus in ways that make sense to them. (12/23/2008)
It's not just politics and religion that make for some tense conversational moments during the holidays. (12/22/2008)
It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, as it turns out, the state of the economy has a way of altering our vision. (12/18/2008)