Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

Jeff Holm, a lifelong resident of Baldwin, offers up a tour of the township. The 29-year-old is currently the chair of the township's board of supervisors. He worries about the future of the area and is concerned by what he views as a lack of community engagement on the part of many who call Baldwin home. (02/23/2010)
Reporter Nikki Tundel visits a Minnesota nursing program where pistachio pudding indicates infection and boiled okra is used to represent post-op drainage. And the students are better clinicians because of it. (12/15/2009)
Wally Andress recycles, uses energy-saving light bulbs and takes the bus to work. But his actions have nothing to do with lessening his carbon footprint. (12/07/2009)
For some, waiting for the government to address climate change just doesn't make sense. (12/07/2009)
Some commuters will ride the Northstar train to save time on their trip to downtown Minneapolis each day. But will they really get there any faster? MPR News sent two teams to document their trip from Big Lake to Minneapolis this morning to answer that question. (11/16/2009)
Thousands of people came out over the weekend to celebrate the launch of the new Northstar commuter train -- with a distinctly Minnesota touch. (11/15/2009)
Multigenerational living was once commonplace in American culture. Today it's making a comeback -- thanks to the economic recession. (11/09/2009)
From Chicago to Houston to South Portland, Maine, the urban chicken movement has taken hold. More and more city folks are raising the birds right in their own backyards. (10/22/2009)
The Memorial Pet Cemetery in Roseville, Minnesota, was established in the early 1920s. Today it's the final resting grounds for thousands of animals -- from cats and dogs to guinea pigs and a hedgehog. (09/30/2009)
Most summer camps give kids a chance to experience new things. One in St. Paul lets them try out some old ones. (09/19/2009)
Each year, the fair's Lost and Found Office takes in hundreds of items -- from cell phones and car keys to baby strollers and Barbie dolls. Employees catalog and tag everything that's turned in. Then they simply wait, hoping the original owners will come claim their possessions. (09/09/2009)
Llamas are best known for their work as pack animals in the highlands of Peru. At the Minnesota State Fair, however, they've set aside the trekking supplies and don costumes instead. Reporter Nikki Tundel attended the fair's 4-H Llama Costume Contest and learned a lot about the long-necked mammals. (09/08/2009)
MPR's Nikki Tundel visited the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in the dead of January. (08/27/2009)
During World War II, several hundred women became WASPs in the Air Force, so they could fly military planes. Their efforts have gone unrecognized, until just recently. (08/13/2009)
To many, Andrew Moore is "that guy in south Minneapolis with all the stuff on his lawn." (08/11/2009)