Mark Zdechlik Feature Archive

High approval numbers for the Sen. Amy Klobuchar haven't deterred her three Republican challengers, who include former state Rep. Dan Severson, St. Bonifacius City Council member Joe Arwood and Anthony Hernandez. (02/17/2012)
Congress is scheduled to vote today on a bill to extend a payroll tax holiday. Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann tells MPR News she plans to vote "no" on the bill. (02/17/2012)
Before Gov. Mark Dayton delivers tonight's state of the state speech, some Minnesotans were asked to assess the government's performance. Many were there is still unhappiness over the situation at the state Capitol. (02/16/2012)
To understand why Minnesota Republicans rejected Mitt Romney in Tuesday's presidential preference straw poll, it pays to look at who attended the GOP caucuses. (02/08/2012)
Republicans in Minnesota will have their first chance to weigh in on the presidential election tonight, when the party will caucus in precincts across the state. (02/07/2012)
Still riding high from his decisive win in Florida's Republican primary, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney didn't seem bothered a bit when a supporter of same-sex marriage threw glitter on him at the beginning of his Minnesota rally. (02/01/2012)
While Michele Bachmann has some work to do to clear up the books of her presidential run, some think her her failed campaign will only help her fundraising as she seeks re-election to Congress. (01/31/2012)
One of the most hard-fought campaigns for Congress in Minnesota this year will be the battle for the 8th District in the northeastern part of the state. (01/18/2012)
Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday morning that she is suspending her bid for the White House. (01/04/2012)
Bachmann had been predicting a caucus "miracle," and that Iowans would "come home" to her. But she garnered just 5 percent of the caucus vote, and placed second to last. (01/04/2012)
Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann heads home to her birthplace near Waterloo, Iowa, hoping to convince many of the undecided caucus-goers to support her in tonight's balloting. (01/03/2012)
Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann contends that her prospects in Tuesday's Iowa caucuses are brighter than ever, despite having lost two key players in her campaign. (12/30/2011)
Just hours after appearing alongside Bachmann, Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson told Ron Paul supporters gathered in Des Moines he was switching sides (12/29/2011)
Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign enters the home-stretch of the Iowa Caucuses with some bad news. Her state campaign chairman, Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson, has defected to one of her competitors, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio news reporter Mark Zdechlik, who's in Des Moines. (12/29/2011)
In Iowa today, Michele Bachmann criticized some of her Republican competitors campaigning to be the GOP presidential nominee. (12/28/2011)