Mark Zdechlik Feature Archive

Gov. Mark Dayton is asking Minnesota's wealthiest citizens to pay more than a billion dollars in new income taxes in order to boost state funding for schools and colleges by nearly $900 million. (03/14/2013)
Mark Dayton's gubernatorial campaign called for higher taxes on wealthy Minnesotans. He said then and now that they need to pay their fair share. Dayton speaks about his ambitious sales tax plan in similar terms - that it is intended to force businesses to pay their fair share. While the governor insists average Minnesotans would not get stuck with the bill, many are skeptical. (03/06/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton said Monday that the state's improved financial picture will allow him to go back to the drawing board and perhaps curtail some of his tax proposals. (The Daily Circuit, 03/03/2013)
In a marketing email to customers this week, warehouse store Sam's Club listed among its most popular selling items a year's supply of emergency food for a family of four. It costs $2,667 for a pallet of food in plastic buckets and has a shelf-life of up to 25 years. (The Daily Circuit, 02/22/2013)
To address the nation's debt problem, experts say Congress should first address Social Security -- the federal government's largest program. (02/19/2013)
Six years ago this month, DFLer Al Franken launched his campaign for U.S Senate against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman. After a long recount, Franken won by just 312 votes. For some it appeared Franken might be an easy target in 2014, but it's not playing out that way -- at least for now. (02/15/2013)
President Barack Obama used the first visit to Minnesota of his second term to push for a series of gun control measures he wants Congress to approve. (02/04/2013)
Monday is Minnesota Robotics Day at the state Capitol, where students and people who work in the robotics industry will be demonstrating what they do. (01/27/2013)
Some Minnesota business leaders say the governor's sales tax proposal is a terrible idea that would hurt the state's economy. (01/24/2013)
All but seven of the 50 states tax clothing sales, and the idea of extending the sales tax to clothing in Minnesota has been proposed many times in the Legislature. Supporters say it could help stabilize sales tax revenue, while critics worry that retailers would lose a competitive advantage. (01/14/2013)
If Democrats and Republicans fail to reach a tax and spending compromise before Tuesday, not a lot is going to change for most people, at least not right away. (12/31/2012)
Minnesota Rep. Tim Walz said he thinks Congress could act relatively soon on legislation aimed at preventing gun violence following the school shooting in Connecticut last week. (The Daily Circuit, 12/20/2012)
The Central Committee of the Minnesota Republican Party will meet on Saturday, and some are hoping for a resolution opposing a new National Republican Committee rule about national convention delegate selection. (12/08/2012)
The Minnesota Republican Party's central committee meets Saturday following big defeats at the polls last month. (12/07/2012)
After more than three decades, former DFL Rep. Rick Nolan is returning to Congress on Monday for freshman orientation sessions this week. Nolan, however stands out in the class of incoming representatives because he has already served three terms in Congress, which gives him instant seniority. (11/12/2012)